Tampa weather is heating up and will soon be calling you to your pool. A common issue that arises over the lifetime of a pool is a malfunctioning pump. As a result, you may have to troubleshoot for pool pump repair before you can feel confident dipping your toes in the water.

Here’s the Triangle Pool Service Guide to pool pump repair in Tampa.


Learning the Basics

Before you can begin to assess and repair your pool pump, it’s important to understand how your pool pump works. The ultimate goal of your pool pump is to circulate the water within your pool through your filtration system to ensure that the water is cleaned of debris and dirt on a regular basis.

The three main components of your pool pump are the housing, the impeller, and the motor. These three pieces play different roles in the functionality of your pump and can all experience issues.

What To Do If…

Your Pump Is Leaking


Pool pump leakage is most often the result of bad connections between parts, which can take the form of a faulty impeller housing O-ring, shaft seal, thread sealant, or shrunken threads on the pump’s discharge pipe.

This issue requires you to purchase replacements for the affected parts. Depending on your ability to troubleshoot this accurately yourself, you can pursue this fix on your own or seek the help of professional pool pump repair in the Tampa Bay area.


Your Pump Doesn’t Circulate Water


Your pool pump could be in need of a repair due to a failure to circulate water. This issue may be the result of obstructions to the strainer, filter neglect, or excess air in the pump chamber. Depending on the cause of the lack of circulation, your pool pump repair could involve cleaning out the strainer basket, replacing your pump filter, or simply filling the pool with more water. You can typically find the proper parts for pool pump repair from your Tampa Bay supplier.


Your Pump Won’t Turn On


If your pool pump seems to not be turning on at all—this is noticeable primarily when your pool pump is initially installed—it may be the simple issue of lack of power. The repair for this issue can mean just flipping the circuit breaker. However, if this solution does not yield results, it’s time to inspect the pool pump further to see which components are not receiving or transmitting power. New parts for your pool pump repair may be needed from your Tampa Bay supplier, depending on where the malfunction is occurring.


Pool Pump Repair in Tampa Bay

Repairing the pool pump in your Tampa residential or commercial pool isn’t always easy to troubleshoot. When your pool pump isn’t functioning as it should be, and it’s hard to figure out how to fix it, call a local Tampa Bay professional help with your pool pump repair. Triangle Pool Service has an experienced team in Tampa that’s ready to help. Call (727) 531-0473 or contact us online.