When you’re searching the market for pool heaters, it is wise to educate yourself on the options you have. Here are some of the different types of units available in today’s markets.

Electric Heat Pump

One of the most popular types of aquatic temperature control systems you’d find around St. Petersburg would be an electric heat pump unit. These pool heaters work in the reverse direction as a home air conditioning unit, transferring the heat to your water from the action of refrigerant compression against a heat exchanger. These units are far more energy efficient than other electric water heaters using direct electrical resistance.

Natural Gas/ Propane Pool Heaters

The next ideal pool heater choice for home swimmers in St. Petersburg would have to be natural gas or propane powered units. These units burn the gas in a closed environment against a heat exchanger. Then it transfers the energy to the water, thus increasing the temperature. Here is a simplified formula to calculate the time it would take to achieve desired temperature:

  1. (Total gallons of water) x 8.3 lbs. = Weight of the total water in lbs. (W-lbs.)
  2. (W-lbs) ÷ (BTU rating of your water heater) = Rate of Increase over 1 hour (ROI)
  3. (Desired water temp – Current water temp) x (ROI) = Time until desired temperature

Solar Pool Heaters

Living in the sunny St. Petersburg area gives light to a virtually free way to maintain your water temperature with Solar Heat. This method utilizes the sun’s energy without the use of photovoltaic cells; it simply attracts the heat generated by the sun and transfers it to the water via a thin membrane piping system that the water passes through. The vast piping system is usually painted black to attract the most amount of heat and typically placed on a roof or area in direct sunlight. This pool heater system is not ideal if rapidly heating your aquatic oasis is your desire, but it far exceeds other methods in terms of efficiency and energy saving goals.

Heat Recovery Water Heater

This type of system is not widely known, although it is beloved to those that are aware of its abilities. This revolutionary unit utilizes your home’s existing central air conditioning compressor and its internal refrigerant line heat discharge to heat your water. The heat that is created by the cooling process which your home air conditioning unit gives off, is now able to be collected and transferred to the water. Now, you can essentially heat your water for free.

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