Your swimming pool should provide years of enjoyment with clear, refreshing water always waiting to welcome swimmers. There are many elements to pool maintenance. Pinpointing pool pump repair issues accurately calls for a team of Tampa pool experts. At Triangle Pools, we have over half a century of experience in servicing pools throughout Largo, Seminole, St Pete, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Tampa Bay.

Our team offers both residential and commercial pool pump repair services. We pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed customer service, repair expertise, and competitive prices. We do everything right, including flexible appointments to work with your busy schedule. Through a commitment to our customers, we have built our business on referrals and repeat customers who know they can rely on us. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of putting your needs first.  

Avoid Stagnant Waters with Pool Pump Repair


As soon as you spot cloudy water, it’s time to call in our pool pump repair experts. This is a telltale sign you have a pump issue. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to see the cloudy waters begin to turn green as your filtration system is no longer doing its job.

Your pool pump provides proper filtration preventing your pool water from stagnating. Without proper filtration, your family or guests can become ill. This is because bacteria are allowed to build up in stagnant water.

Although homeowners don’t want to see their loved ones fall ill from their pools, it is even more important for commercial pools to maintain pristine water quality. Without proper water circulation, busy public pools can lead to public health issues. The last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands!

Year-Round Pool Pump Repairs


Your pool pump is constantly circulating water to keep it fresh and bacteria-free. While residential pools can give their pool pump a bit of a break running for as little as four hours a day, commercial pools keep pumps running 24/7. It’s in your best interest to consider a regular maintenance service for pool pump repair services to ensure your pump can live up to demands.

Without proper pool maintenance, you’ll be faced with more downtime that is not the best use of your investment. Hotels and public pools want to keep visitors happy without the risk of pool shutdowns due to pool pump repair.

By setting up scheduled pool pump repairs you can ensure ongoing filtration with less risk for breakdowns. Your pump will always be operating at optimum performance helping you avoid more costly repairs or the need for replacement.

The Triangle Pool team can provide the management and maintenance your pool requires to avoid damage. Your water will remain clear and welcoming reducing the risk for hygiene issues and shutdowns. Taking a proactive approach to pool care will help keep swimmers safe while reducing the cost of repairs, parts, and complete pump replacements.

Let Triangle Pools help you protect your asset with dependable pool pump repair services. Call (727) 531-0473 or visit our website for more information or to set up a maintenance schedule.