Unexpected pool repairs can quickly ruin a backyard bash. However, with the help of Triangle Pool in Tampa, your party will be back on in no time! It’s important to know who you are going to call when you need repairs, so you can be confident that the people working on your home are both knowledgeable and capable. With over 50 years of experience, when you choose Triangle, you can rest assured you will get exactly that. We are a family owned and operated business that has made it our mission to offer superior customer service, rivaled only by our pool services.

What We Do

As the premier pool repair company in Tampa, we don’t limit ourselves; we are available to service everything from small backyard swimming holes to large commercial natatoriums. Regardless of the size, or the problem, our technicians will be able to take care of it!

Residential Pool Repair

If you have a backyard swimming hole, you know how disappointing it can be to want to go for a swim, only to discover a layer of green algae in the water. With the help of a Triangle technician, pool repairs will be done quickly and correctly. When we visit your home, we will take the time for a complete inspection to make sure everything is working correctly. Fixing small problems as they arise is the best way to keep from needing costly services.

Here in Tampa, we experience plenty of inclement weather that can mess with the pump, filter, and other important mechanisms. Some of the most common residential repairs we perform in Tampa are:

  • Broken pump. This part provides circulation through the filters and heater, and prevents the water from becoming stagnant.
  • Filter repair. The filter is essential to keep the water healthy and safe to swim in. Without it, swimmers are at risk for a myriad of diseases.
  • Heater repair. Here in Tampa, we enjoy a long summer, and for the days where the temperature drops, the heater helps the water stay comfortable. However, heaters can be very temperamental pieces of equipment, and require an expert to properly inspect.
  • Leaks. Left alone, small leaks can be detrimental to your pool’s structure, which is why they should be looked at right away. It can be difficult to differentiate what is normal evaporation, and what is a leak, so if you suspect an issue, call us immediately.

Commercial Pool Services

As the best pool repair company in Tampa, we know that commercial and residential needs differ greatly. However, we specialize in keeping commercial aquatic facilities clean and ready for use! Some of our repair services include:

  • Health department upgrades
  • VGB entrapment solutions
  • AAA compliant solutions
  • Gas, propane, and electric heating
  • Filtration systems, lighting, and energy saving pumps

Commercial swimming areas have a much higher usage than residential ones, which is why we offer 3 visits a week to check that all equipment is working perfectly, and the water is balanced.

Triangle Pool Services

At Triangle in Tampa, our team of experienced and qualified technicians will be able to take care of any pool repair you may need. We specialize in all things related to pools, including residential and commercial cleaning, expert repairs, chemical deliveries, automation for large aquatic facilities, resorts, water parks, and more. We also offer regular maintenance plans and packages so you always know your backyard oasis is ready for swimming.

Because we know saving money is important, we offer a variety of specials, including free use of a chlorine generator and one month of free service after 6 months! We only offer flat rate prices for pool repair services, so you will always know exactly what to expect.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 727-531-0473.