When winter arrives in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, you might find out the hard way that you need pool heater repair services. Luckily, now is the perfect time to get a head start and prepare for cooler weather. Triangle Pool offers a broad range of the best pool services for all types of swimming areas, including commercial and residential locations. Even in the warmer climates of Seminole, Largo, and Palm Harbor, waters get chilly when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Combat the cold with the help of our expert technicians.

Is It Broken?

At your home in St. Petersburg or Clearwater it’s important to be sure that your swimming oasis is kept at a comfortable temperature all year long. The powerful Florida sun does the job for you a lot of the time, but when the seasons change, you are going to need some assistance. Before making the call for pool heater repair, try to figure out what is broken so you can tell the technician what’s wrong.

This will help them know exactly what to bring with them, including parts specific to certain brands. They also may be able to give you a more accurate estimate if they know ahead of time what needs mending. To find out what isn’t working, you need to know how these mechanisms work.

In the case of a heat pump, as your pump circulates water it passes through a filter and is drawn into a chamber. In this chamber, a fan brings outside air in and over an evaporator coil that absorbs heat and turns it into gas. The gas travels through the compressor, where the heat is increased, and then through a condenser, which in turn heats the water. The warm water returns to the main swimming area, and the cycle continues.

This is the most basic explanation of how a heat pump works, and each St. Petersburg or Clearwater backyard oasis may have brand-specific parts. Certified technicians —like the ones here at Triangle— can identify your particular model and what pool heater repair service you may need for it.

Types of Pool Heaters

When you call for pool heater repair in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, your technician is almost certainly going to ask you what kind of device you have. Different types include:

  • Gas. These use natural gas or propane for warmth and are great because they operate independently of the surrounding air temperature. Gas is the most popular choice in areas like Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, and Palm Harbor because they warm quickly.
  • Heat pumps. These use electricity to generate heat from the outside air. They may be slow to heat, but there eco-friendliness and energy efficiency has won them many fans.
  • Electric resistance. These warmers use electric currents to heat things up. They’re also environmentally-friendly because they don’t emit air pollution and are usually better for smaller spas.

At Triangle, we offer high-quality brands like Rheem, Hayward, and Raypak because we trust their durability. We honor manufacturer warranties as well, so you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Fixing a Pool Heater

The most obvious sign that you need pool heater repair is that your water is cold. You may notice that the water is warming up slower than usual (or not at all), or perhaps your mechanism is making odd sounds or smells. If there’s anything out of the ordinary, call a Clearwater or St. Petersburg pool heater repair company to come and check what the issue might be. Experts at Triangle will be able to see if something is wrong with water circulation, improper temperatures, electrical issues, malfunctions, clogs, and more. There are many things that might be causing trouble in your swimming area, and we can help.

Finding a Pool Professional

You want a professional when it comes to pool heater repair, but also for any other aquatic maintenance purposes. Residents of Tampa Bay areas like Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, and Palm Harbor are in luck. Triangle does it all! We offer cleaning, maintenance, replacement, and more for both residential and commercial swimming areas.

Give us a call at (727) 531-0473 or contact us online and we’ll set up any service you need and can schedule regular upkeep to prevent further problems from arising. We’ll come out to your location to evaluate your waters and perform any necessary procedures to get you back up and running. Our experts can also advise you about what kind of mechanism is best for you, and how you can keep it running efficiently all year long.