Are you in need of pool service in Palm Harbor? Is your private swimming hole hopelessly murky or green, too time consuming, or simply too difficult to care for?  Are you afraid that your beautiful oasis will soon be a lagoon?

It’s commonly known that owning a swimming pool is the dream of most home owners, most likely because these additions boast a large list of positive attributes.  They provide the perfect environment to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather year-round.  They are an ideal setting to plan a family gathering or host a party for your friends.  And they are especially useful for avid swimmers, or those who prefer low impact workouts.  But most of all, they greatly increase the value of your home.

Palm Harbor Pool Services Company

Unfortunately, many home owners discover that DIY pool services are far more work than they first expect.  Often times the amount of effort that needs to be put into maintaining your H2O is greater than the enjoyment you get out of it.  There’s the constant need to net and vacuum out leaves, deal with harsh chemicals that can damage clothing and are harmful, and struggle with all other aspects of maintenance that can become overwhelming.  This is especially true when faced with some of the more difficult issues:

  • Foggy water caused by an imbalance of pH levels.
  • Foam build up due to low quality algaecides.
  • Algal blooms that come after a rain, or appear in water that is poorly maintained.
  • Discolored brown or teal water caused by high mineral content.  High iron and copper contents can cause these kinds of discoloration respectively.
  • Stains all along the water mark and bottom – caused by chemical imbalances.
  • Leaks – Whether they are in the fiberglass body itself, or in the pipes connected to it, leaks can be identified by rapid water loss.
  • Broken parts such as the main pump are almost impossible to repair on your own and expensive to replace.

An unhealthy pool can be a serious health risk.  Improper pH levels can irritate skin and eyes and even damage the lining.  If the chlorine levels are maintained at too low of a level, harmful bacteria may grow.

You might also be considering pool services for your Palm Harbor home because it’s too difficult to learn everything that there is to know, too physically demanding, or simply too time consuming.  But whatever the reason, instead of trying to learn an entirely new trade, and spending hours of back breaking labor every week, call the professionals!

Why Triangle Can Help

At Triangle pool services, we take care of your every need.  We offer packages that range from daily care to weekly maintenance, this way, no matter what your situation, we can provide the assistance you desire.

In addition to our Palm Harbor residential swimming pool services, we also offer our services to a large range of commercial clients.  Condo and apartment associations especially benefit from our assistance.

At Triangle we offer:

  • Vacuuming and skimming
  • Water testing and quality evaluations
  • Chlorine and pH balance
  • Tile and filter cleaning
  • Leak Repair
  • Pump repair
  • Automated system installations
  • Free use of salt generator
  • Maintenance plans
  • Monthly specials

Triangle Pool Services has been helping the Palm Harbor area since 1959.  We provide our assistance to several hundred customers per week using the most skilled personnel in the industry.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, call us today at (727)531-0473