Swimming Pool Repair in St. Petersburg — Florida has one of the most swimming pools per capita than any other state in the US, and if you’ve lived through one of the Sunshine State’s long hot summers, then you know why.  Floridians love their swimming pools; they’re beautiful amenities, luxuries that need to be maintained if they are to be enjoyed as intended.

With over 50 years of experience serving our loyal Tampa Bay customers with our expert swimming pool repair services in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas, Triangle is the company you want to hire for any and all maintenance issues. We offer the most experienced services at the most reasonable prices. Give us a call today: (727) 534-0473.

Whether you own a small pool on residential property, or if you are a business with a commercial pool, maintaining the quality of water and structural integrity of is essential.  If you are responsible for a commercial pool and you neglect proper maintenance, your business will suffer. If you neglect your private family pool then you are wasting a precious luxury while possibly putting friends and family members in danger of health risks.

Triangle Pool of St. Petersburg has the knowledge, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your pool so you never have to.  Swimming pools require lots of work and attention.  It’s understandable; sometimes we forget about the water quality and sometimes you simply don’t know what the signs are that point to potentially serious structural damage.

But there is no reason you should spend inordinate amounts of time preserving your pool when that could be time spent enjoying your backyard with friends and family. From managing pH levels in the water, to worrying about algae and chlorination, and cleaning out the leaves and other organic matter that land in your pool; at Triangle that’s our business, that’s what we love to do.

Keeping the water clean and healthy also requires attention to a wide range of other issues.

  • Water pumps and filtration systems you use need to be checked on a regular basis, and that’s especially true if you operate a commercial pool where lots of different people use the pool on a daily basis.  For commercial pools Triangle uses remote water management which allows us to monitor and adjust the chemical levels at all times.
  • The water pump system for a private family pool also plays the same important role in keeping your water fresh and chemically balanced.
  • Water pump failure should be addressed immediately.  When water circulation and filtration stop, your pool water will begin to stagnate quickly.  Stagnation leads to discoloration and bacteria growth that can cause illness and infection.  It’s best to make sure your pool pump doesn’t break down in the first place. With regular monitoring of your pool and pumping system by the experienced professionals at Triangle, your pool water will be pristine and healthy year round.

Our St. Petersburg swimming pool repairs aren’t limited to the water pump and machinery; our regular maintenance checkups include evaluating the structural integrity of your pool for leaks.  You should to be aware of water levels and possible surface damage because it could be leaking.

There are several locations especially susceptible to leaks.  There could be a drop in the circulating lines, your surface can become worn down, or seams could leak where returns, drains, and lights are located.  Serious leaks can form in all these areas.  Even if you have a vinyl pool, Triangle uses an electric current technique with advanced sensors to locate leaks and a composite water resistant patching material.

We offer flat rate maintenance schedules and guarantee no matter where your leak or other problem area is located, Triangle will take care of it. For more information about services or to schedule a swimming pool repair in St. Petersburg, give us a call today.