If you are in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Largo or Seminole area, it is important you know who you can call for reliable pool repairs. You need a company that has the experience and knowledge to help keep your backyard oasis clean and functioning properly. Triangle Pool has been in this industry for over 50 years, and our technicians are all fully certified and factory trained. No matter what problem you find yourself facing, Triangle Pool is here to help.

A Wide Variety of Pool Repairs

At Triangle Pool, we understand each customer’s situation is unique and may require different service and pool repairs. In places like Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Largo and Seminole, there are many different conditions that pose a threat to your home amenity, such as hurricanes, storms, floods and lightning. These hazards can result in damage or uncleanliness in your concrete pond. Triangle Pool offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Pool Pump Repair– When your pump ceases to function properly, it stops filtering the water. Debris, algae and other unpleasant items then stay in the water. This can cause it to turn an ugly green color and possibly get you and your family members sick.
  • Lining and Leaks – In the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Largo and Seminole areas, it is difficult to maintain the water level of your pool. It can be difficult to differentiate between leak in the lining or pool pump and natural evaporation. While the Florida sun can be brutal, if you notice the water level to drop significantly, you most likely have a leak. Our trained technicians will evaluate your amenity and find where the leak is coming from.
  • Filter Service – It’s important to have your filter professionally cleaned from time to time. We can help you decide if your filter is causing you any problems, and point you to the best brands should you need a replacement.
  • Chemical Maintenance – Salt systems, chlorination, and pH levels are all important factors for maintaining clean and healthy water. In addition to pool repairs, we also offer regular cleanings and preventative maintenance.

If you are in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Largo or Seminole areas and in need of pool repairs, give Triangle Pool a call. We can help you out of any predicament and get your concrete pond looking brand new!

Residential and Commercial Pool Services

At Triangle Pool, we offer the best pool services to all types of amenities. Whether it’s a house, a condominium, or a public pool, we are able to help you keep it spotless and functional. Here are some of the areas we specialize in for both residential and commercial locations:

  • Automation
  • Motors
  • Lighting
  • Chlorination
  • Filters
  • AAA complaint solutions
  • VGB entrapment solutions
  • Storm damage
  • Insurance claims
  • Special clean-ups
  • Acid washing
  • Parts and services
  • Specialty products
  • Health department upgrades

When you call Triangle Pool, you can expect that our certified technicians will be there on time and focused on the task at hand.

The Triangle Pool Standard

Our company is there to help anyone in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Largo and Seminole areas. Our pool repairs are of top quality as we use the latest technology and materials. Our factory trained professionals are held to the highest standard of respect and dedication. No one wants to be greeted by an impolite or unprepared technician when dealing with an H20 crisis. With Triangle Pools, that will never be an issue! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!