Performing your own pool maintenance in Pinellas can quickly turn your pool into a burden instead of a blessing. On a hot Florida day, jumping in the water can be the only way to cool down, but before you dive in, you will have to be sure to carry out the boring maintenance routine. Having to clean before you swim can deter you from enjoying your backyard oasis.

Here at Triangle, we know that properly maintaining your pool year round, on a regular schedule, will allow you to appreciate it that much more; when you don’t have to worry about vacuuming or skimming before taking a swim, you can enjoy a spontaneous dip in clean water whenever you like. We will set up a maintenance schedule based off of your needs, and guarantee your water will always be ready to swim in.

Why is Pool Maintenance Important?

If not properly maintained the water can harbor a range of dangerous microbes, bacteria, and algae. The main sources of contamination in swimming water are people, animals, and debris from surrounding property.

Some dangers of unclean pool water are:

  • Gastroenteritis
  • Ear, nose, and throat infections
  • E. coli
  • Salmonellosis
  • Dysentery

Every time you swim you should feel confident the water is clean and free of pathogens. When Triangle Pool is responsible for your Pinellas pool maintenance, you can always know 100% that your water is safe, clean and ready to be enjoyed by everyone.

What Do We Do?

Here at Triangle Pool of Pinellas, we know there are five keys to pool maintenance:

  • Filtration
  • Chlorination
  • pH level
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness

There are a multitude of things that our technicians will take care of when you hire us for your pool maintenance services. Sometimes people think that they can handle pool maintenance on their own, but this can just make their water dirtier. For instance, our technicians know that cleaning the water filter is important, but they also know that a too clean filter is also ineffective; a small amount of dirt on the filter is preferable, since it will help trap other particles and debris in the water.

Our technicians will regularly test the water to make sure it’s clean enough for you and your family to swim in, as well as monitoring the pH. The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water, and runs from 0 to 14. The ideal water pH level is from 7.2 to 7.8, which is safe for swimmers. Along with checking the pH, we will test the levels of other chemicals that are present in your pool as well. Over time ammonia and nitrogen can build up in the water which combines with the pool’s chlorine, reducing its disinfectant properties and creating a harsh odor. To fix this, we shock, or superchlorinate, the water to get the chlorine level back to normal and remove the ammonia and nitrogen which caused the odor. Some pools need to be shocked once a week, other can go for much longer between treatments; our technicians will be able to appropriately surmise the levels of chlorine needed, and how often.

How to Get Started

When you hire us for your Pinellas pool maintenance, we work closely with you to create the best maintenance plan for your needs, and assign one technician who will almost always be the one working on your pool. You won’t have to worry about a different stranger in your backyard each time we come; we want you to feel comfortable and secure with our technicians.

Call us to get started on a pool maintenance plan in Pinellas at 727-531-0473 today!