Pool maintenance companies deal with the atrocities of the weather and the repercussions on your pool. Living in Florida, most of the summer (and even some of the winter) we are swimming in the pool. Did you know swimming is the fifth most popular activity in the US?  Can you recall a time or two when we’ve seen one covered in algae and green muck?

Not only does this look unappealing, but if you were to swim in it you would more than likely get ill. Plus, if you aren’t practicing proper maintenance habits, you’re cutting the lifespan of your pool short.

Your pool doesn’t have to be covered in algae for you to know it’s time to clean. Your pool should receive regular maintenance so you can avoid build-up, keep swimmers safe, and enjoy your pool for as long as possible.

A Recommendation from Pool Maintenance Companies: Get Maintenance On A Weekly Basis

Both of our maintenance plans include weekly visits from experienced professionals. By staying consistent with maintenance you can prevent any potential issues your pool may have. During our weekly visit, we will,

  • Clean filters
  • Empty baskets
  • Test and balance water
  • Provide all chemicals
  • Vacuum, brush, and skim your pool

You can perform pool maintenance yourself, but you’re going to have to buy your own equipment, chemicals and do some research on balancing the PH of your pool. This is especially important because if the water is too acidic it can wear on your pool and irritate the skin and eyes of swimmers.

So if you’re choosing to do it yourself, make sure you hop on the interwebs to double-check what you’re doing is right. Or of course, our experienced professionals are here to give you a hand at competitive pricing.

Maintenance And Cleaning To Do On Your Own

While you may want to leave most maintenance to the professionals there’s still some stuff you can do on your own to keep your pool in tip-top condition. The first thing is skimming your pool. Keeping debris out of your pool significantly contributes to maintaining a balanced PH level. If you notice leaves and other debris, take a quick ten minutes to remove it from the water.

You can also keep your pool looking nice and fresh by cleaning tiles where the edge of your water is. Just simply scrub away any unattractive marks with a tile cleaner and you’re good to go.

Avoid Procrastinating Pool Maintenance

Our services are available on a weekly basis, but you should clean your pool every day, or anytime you see debris floating. If you don’t take of issues right then and there they will become bigger, harder to manage, and maybe even more expensive.

The team here at Triangle Pools wants you to own a pool that is inviting, safe, and will stand the test of time.

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