Some Tampa property managers choose to forego commercial pool cleaning services due to favoring a DIY approach.  While this may save some money short-term, neglecting professional upkeep may lead to costly repairs and maintenance in the future, not to mention unsatisfied guests and clients.  The end of the swimming season is the most crucial time in the preservation of your spa system.  If you feel prepared to undertake what most would consider a significant project, read on.

Commercial Pool Cleaning Maintenance and Prep

A Tampa based commercial pool cleaning service already knows what steps to take, but the average property owner might be oblivious to some of these steps.  This guide will give you details on everything you need to know to prep your pool for cooler weather.

  • Check the pH. Ensure that the pH of your water is between 7.2 and 7.6.  If it is outside this range you will have to add pH increaser or reducer depending on your needs
  • Dial in your alkalinity. This should be in the 80-125 ppm range if you have plaster walls, and 125-150 ppm for any other type.  If your alkalinity is lower, add alkalinity increaser.  If it is higher, you will have to add pH reducer.
  • Maintain appropriate chlorine levels. Chlorine is what keeps your water free from bacteria and also viruses.  Since the sun can seriously hamper chlorine’s effectiveness there are two chemicals to deal with in this step: chlorine itself and chlorine stabilizer. Remember, adjusting any chemical levels can be challenging.  A commercial pool cleaning service in Tampa will be able to handle these necessary steps with ease.
  • Add algaecide. Use as directed by the manufacturer to prevent algae buildup.  Be sure to do this 4-7 days after adding your chlorine, but right before covering the pool (should you choose to cover it).

Now that you have spent the day adjusting chemicals it is now time to get into the other half of your end of season maintenance.  If you still haven’t hired a commercial pool cleaning service in Tampa, review these steps:

Too Much? There’s More

  • Scrub floors and walls. You’ll want to remove any dirt or algae from any underwater surfaces, using a skimmer to catch any free floating particles.  Remember to clean the skimmer baskets once you are done.
  • Clean the filter. The process used here can vary from filter to filter.  Read up on the type of filter you have to determine what goes into cleaning or replacing it.
  • Filter for 1 hour a day. Reducing the filter pump run time will help keep water circulating through the system while saving on energy costs in the off season.

Contact Triangle Pool Service

If the above seems like too much work to tackle on your own, give Triangle a call, a commercial pool cleaning service located right here in Tampa since 1959.  Call them at (727) 531-0473 or reach out through their website for more information on their services