While the sunny weather in Tampa Bay usually keeps water at a comfortable swimming temperature, cold and stormy days make it too cold to enjoy. With pool heater installation, taking a dip will always be an option, even in December.

Pool Heater Installation is Perfect for Anyone

No matter where you live or what your swimming space is like, pool heater installation works for you. Both in-ground and above ground swimming areas benefit from pool heater installation in Tampa Bay. Even early January can be the perfect time for a quick dip when you can regulate the temperature.

Get More Swimming Time In

With pool heater installation, there is not a day where cold weather will keep you from swimming in the Tampa Bay area. There are multiple types of pumps that function in different ways, but each works to warm your water to a predetermined temperature. Keep it going year-round or once winter hits; either way, you will get more swimming time.

Which Pump is for You?

There are four typical types of pumps for pool heater installation. These are:

  • Electric Resistance
  • Gas
  • Heat
  • Solar

While there is a solution for everyone, each product operates differently and works with different equipment, meaning it is essential to pick the right option for you. Specialists use their expertise when choosing your equipment.

Electric Resistance

This equipment uses electricity to generate heat. This is the best fit for small amounts of water, like a spa. They do not pollute the air, and they are inexpensive to purchase. However, this product does require a lot of electricity, which makes it pricey to use, and it is also often expensive to install. While the electric resistance is not affected by the temperature outside, it is not very energy efficient.


A heat pump uses warmth from the air to regulate the temperature of your swimming space. With this method, less energy is necessary than with an electric or gas method. Overall, this is an economical and clean option. However, this product requires professional installation. This would mean paying more up front. With the low monthly cost and lower environmental impact, the price is worth it to many. This option might not be the best for those in Tampa Bay looking to swim in the winter, as the heat is pulled from the air.


The most common type of pool heater installation involves gas-generated energy. Propane or natural gas warm the water. This type is suitable for people who often travel, as it is simple to turn off and on. The temperature can be controlled entirely by the user, and the pump works quickly. The cost of installation itself is not too pricey, but the monthly cost can be high, especially if the pump is not turned off.


Going solar is the most cost-effective way to warm your waters. Solar panels warm your swimming space. The water circulates through your pump to keep it consistent. This method is energy efficient and does not hurt the environment. In addition, this product lasts for up to 20 years and requires little maintenance.

There are a few cons, though. Without enough sunlight, little heat is generated. While it is inexpensive to operate, it is costly to purchase. Also, it heats the water slowly and requires surface space that equals at least half the length of your body of water in order to keep everything warm. In sunny Tampa Bay, most of these concerns are not an issue.

Trust Triangle Pool Service to Manage your Swimming Space

At Triangle, we offer the best aquatic services to residents of Tampa Bay. Our pool heater installation allows swimmers to enjoy the water no matter what time of year it is. In addition, we offer cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to our commercial and residential clients.

Our business is family owned and operated. For over 50 years, we have been serving residents of Tampa Bay to maintain their swim space. We employ only the most knowledgeable and capable individuals on our team to serve both residential and commercial clients. When searching for a trustworthy service to care for your pool, look no further than Triangle. For more information, find us online or call us at (727) 531-0473.