Swimming in freezing water is no fun, so when the weather gets cooler, you should have a pool heater repair service evaluate your system for any necessary maintenance. Largo residents love to swim, and you don’t want to have to wait until summer to do so! Enjoy your backyard oasis all year long with the help of Triangle; our professional technicians can keep your waters nice and toasty. These mechanisms are quite delicate, and if they malfunction, can pose a serious safety hazard. Always contact a professional if you are unsure; not only will you protect yourself, but you can prevent future damage by calling right away.

Types of Heaters

The professional pool heater repair crew at Triangle is experienced in all different types and brands of warming systems. The three types we see most often in Largo include:

  • These work the fastest and operate using natural gas or propane.
  • Using electric currents, these create heat in a pollution-free way.
  • Heat pumps. Rather than generating heat, these just move it from one place to another.

An expert technician can guide you in your decision-making process if you’re considering purchasing a new device, or can perform a pool heater repair based on what’s broken. They’ll come out to your home or business in Largo and restore your system, extending the life of your equipment and saving you time and money in the future.

Signs You Need Pool Heater Repair

You may think it will be obvious that you need pool heater repair services, but some of the signs can be misleading. Many Largo residents don’t realize that debris in the water or algae buildup can also be indicators of malfunctioning heating equipment. The most apparent sign is unusually cold water, or odd noises coming from the device. The first thing you’ll want to do is check the temperature gauge; if the thermostat is set too low, the heating device will not warm the water correctly.

Next, check the filter; sometimes dirty filters can block the pump and filtration, affecting the heating mechanism. While you’re at it, check that the pump is operating correctly as well. Look at the warmer and identify any visible signs of breakage so you can inform the technician. If you’re having any problems with the gas or electrical system, you can easily injure yourself with DIY attempts. Play it safe and call in the professionals! We’ll send out a technician right away so you can get back to enjoying your swimming spot as soon as possible.

Reduce Heating Costs

There are many ways you can lower your monthly utility bill no matter what type of warming device you have for your Largo pool. Consider using thermal covers at night, which keep any heat you generate during the day from escaping overnight.  Manual or automatic systems have their benefits, and a technician can evaluate your setup to see which may be best for you.

Triangle Pool Services

We offer repairs on high-quality brands like Hayward, Rheem, and Raypak. When you get a pool heater repair from Triangle, we make sure to honor manufacturers’ warranties and provide you with authorized factory sales and service. We’re licensed and insured (License # RP 0058712) and all work is performed by our technicians, never outside contractors. As members of the World Waterpark Association and the Florida Swimming Pool Association, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Residential and commercial clients enjoy our regular maintenance services, as well as on-call appointments where we can fix anything that goes wrong, getting you back to fun, faster. When you need pool heater repair in Largo, call Triangle and we’ll fix it!

At Triangle, we strive to be the most comprehensive all-in-one aquatic service in Largo. We offer cleaning, maintenance, replacement, specialty products, and more for your backyard oasis. Take advantage of bulk delivery and mini-bulk distribution services for chlorine and other chemicals, so you never have to lug around heavy buckets again. Even better, schedule routine upkeep and a technician will make sure you never have to worry about taking care of your waters ever again! Check out our weekly specials online and give us a call at 727-531-0473 to schedule your pool heater repair before a cold front comes through!