Clearwater residents know if they want clear water, they should have a professional pool maintenance service take care of their backyard oasis for them. Besides having a well-kept swimming area, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s in the hands of professionals who are experts at what they do. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and actually enjoy swimming instead of always being the one adding chlorine, scooping out leaves, or dealing with the resident amphibian population.

Maintenance Services

To say pool maintenance is a lot of work is a bit of an understatement. You have to check it daily if you want to keep it running smoothly and Clearwater residents should spend their time enjoying their waters, not slaving away over them. Triangle Pool can take care of all the upkeep for you, at a low price. Our services include:

Residential clients can take advantage of our special offerings, including special pricing on a weekly basis, and other deals. Choose from a variety of plans, including Basic, Supreme, and Econo Chemical, which range from one visit per week to bi-weekly support. Instead of struggling every day with your spa duties, contact a professional who will do all the work for you. For those spas that need more aggressive pool maintenance and cleaning, we do offer daily plans.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Routine pool maintenance is the key to keeping your Clearwater waters, well, clear! In the long run, routine upkeep will save you not only money, but time and effort. These services are surprisingly inexpensive, and offer benefits like:

  • Reduced buildup of algae, scum, and calcium deposits
  • A longer life for your vinyl, tile, or fiberglass walls
  • Better circulation
  • Less need for chlorine
  • More efficient system

Clearwater residents use their backyard swimming spaces frequently, and high traffic means more wear and tear. Keep everything in peak condition with the assistance of a professional service.


Saving money is great, and regular pool maintenance is the best way to keep your swimming oasis in good shape, which will save you money. Why? Because filters and pumps are delicate mechanisms, and when left alone for too long, will develop problems. These problems are usually costly, and could likely have been prevented had the water been properly maintained.

If you’re experiencing issues with your system, one of our technicians will come out to diagnose the problem as soon as possible. We’ll work to get you started on a servicing schedule to prevent future breakdowns. We repair pumps, filters, lining leaks and rips, and more to get your system back up and operating. Don’t waste a beautiful day in Clearwater stuck without your spa; dive into clean, crystal clear water with the help of Triangle today.

How Triangle Pool Can Help You

Trust and confidence are essential when it comes to hiring a pool maintenance company. Your neighbor’s friend in Clearwater may be cheap, but Triangle is an affordable service that has many other professional, positive features:

  • Fully certified technicians
  • Licensed and insured
  • No outside contractors, just our technicians
  • Most of the time, the same technician will be doing your cleaning, so you always know what to expect
  • We cover manufacturer warranties
  • Authorized factory sales and service location
  • Members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, World Water Parks Association

With the assistance of our professional, highly-trained technicians, you won’t ever have to worry about your waters again. Rest assured knowing someone is taking care of your backyard oasis on a routine basis, which means it will last longer and be more efficient. Proper upkeep means catching problems before they become extensive, so regular servicing is the most economic choice. Plus, it’s so much easier on you!

Call Triangle Pool for Your Pool Maintenance Needs!

We’ll come right to your home in Clearwater and perform pool maintenance daily, weekly, or bi-monthly, depending on what your needs are. Rely on us to keep your swimming area clean, operational, and efficient which means your backyard oasis will be the most popular spot all year long. Call us today at 727-531-0473 for more information or to schedule your service. We look forward to assisting you!