Triangle Pool Service specializes in both residential and commercial cleaning and expert repair for pools in Clearwater and the surrounding cities. Upkeep is vital to maintaining clean and healthy water and also ensuring you will be able to enjoy a place to swim for Clearwater summers to come. Our experts are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools needed as well as respect and dedication to all of their needs.

Residential Cleaning

Our residential pool service and cleaning will work to prevent build-up and grime that can cause damage in the future; it includes:

  • All chemicals provided
  • Water testing
  • Vacuuming, brushing, and skimming
  • Baskets emptied
  • Free use of a Salt Chlorine Generator
  • Give you the peace of mind knowing that all maintenance is taken care of by professionals who have the knowledge and experience to do so
  • Save money as well as give you more time to relax and enjoy your water

And when it comes to repairs, don’t try to take on the job yourself when we can provide you with one of our highly trained experts to do it right the first time. From pump repair to leaks and filter problems, we provide pool service and have the latest technology and materials to provide solutions.

Commercial Cleaning

We provide our commercial services to condominium associations, property management companies, hotels, resorts, mobile home parks, private clubs and more. Your property will receive three visits each week at a flat rate with all chemicals and labor included. Our professionals will also keep your water at its best by:

  • Monitors water quality 24 hours each day
  • System automatically adds correct amount of chemicals as needed
  • Maintains optimum water quality even through high usage or changes in the Clearwater weather
  • Extend the life of all of your equipment
  • Pool service will reduce repair costs and extend the life more enjoyment for years to come

Our company is the biggest supplier and service center for ORP controllers, chemical feed systems and ultraviolet (UV) system for not only Clearwater but also all of west central Florida. We also specialize in the following repairs needed due to bad weather or build up in order to keep every part of your system at its very best:

  • Energy saving pumps, drives, lighting and filtration systems
  • Heating- we have gas, propane, and electric specialists
  • VGB entrapment solutions
  • Health department upgrades

Triangle Pool Service

We also supply a wide variety of products including filter media, balancers, enzymes, and tile cleaners. As well as many specialty items like custom covers, ADA compliant equipment, lifeguard equipment, automatic cleaners, racing line supplies, diving platforms and slides. We are your one stop shop for everything you need for your aquatic facility in Clearwater.

Not only are we a company that prides itself on providing all of our clients, no matter residential or commercial, with the upmost satisfaction, our dedication to them extends beyond to:

  • We are an authorized for factory sales and service location for any equipment you need
  • Our technicians are both certified and factory trained for pool service
  • We are proud to say that we cover manufacture warranties for all of our clients
  • We never hire outside contractors to complete repairs and do the work for us
  • We are a licensed and insured company
  • Each week we offer different specials to do all we can to help you save money

For more information on what we offer or to get started on the path of having the clearest water in the neighborhood, do not wait and give us a call today in Clearwater at (727) 531-0473 and talk to one of our experts on getting the pool service you need.