The average daytime high for pool service customers in Palm Harbor never dips below 70 degrees. Sure, there are a fewer cooler days, but it’s safe to say you can use your pool far more than your fireplace. Still, pools require quite the upkeep. They need to be serviced, maintained, and the water needs cleaned routinely. Also, this maintenance is necessary even when homeowners aren’t planning to jump in for a dip.

Requirements for a Clean Pool

Just because the water looks fine, if it has not been serviced or cleaned recently, you should not go for a swim. Here are the most important aspects of any well maintained pool:

  1. Efficient pump and filter: This essential part allows the pool’s water to circulate more freely while also letting the filter remove bacteria and debris. Keeping the pump and filter functioning also allows for much less hassle when it comes to the rest of the pool.
  2. Routine Cleaning: Our pool service in Palm Harbor offers customers daily, weekly, and bi-weekly maintenance programs. Algae can easily grow on walls, the pool floor, and in areas that don’t have adequate circulation. As a result, brushing at least once a week is necessary.
  3. Regular Testing: Testing the water at least a couple times a week is essential to monitoring the pH level in the pool, along with the sanitizer level. Especially in Florida, factors such as heavy rain from an afternoon thunderstorm can get in and affect what should be the pool’s crystal clear water.

Pool Service We Offer

At Triangle Pool, we’ve been in business since 1959. Here are just a few things we can guarantee, along with a few things we want all pool owners to know.

  • A recommended pH level is between 7.6 and 7.8 while the alkaline level should be between 80 and 120 parts per million. Numbers outside of these ranges can damage pools and provide safety hazards for swimmers. After service from one our trusted professionals, though, owners can rest assured that their water will always be safe for swimming.
  • It’s amazing, and at times frustrating, how many companies will send out contractors to do the work for them. Although sometimes okay, contractors may not be entirely qualified or treat customers in a way typical of that of an actual company employee. With us, there’s no question; everyone we send to address your pool concerns is one of our own technicians. No exceptions.

Our Specials

As a premier pool service company in Palm Harbor, we promise a clean pool and reliable service; but sometimes we like to give our customers a few extras. That’s why we proudly offer residential specials. All free, all for you.

  1. After six paid months, get one month free: After paying for six months of maintenance and services, it would be nice to take a break. Therefore, we do all we can to help. Also, we also list current and upcoming specials and discounts here on our website.
  2. Free Use of Chlorine Generator: If you have a pool and want to use it regularly, a chlorine generator is critical. This product, with the use of a small amount of salt, creates chlorine to sanitize any swimming pool. What’s more, it doesn’t cost residential pool owners a dime.
  3. Receive one month free for signing up friends: Once you see how great our pool service is in Palm Harbor, you’ll want to spread the news with your friends. Sometimes we can be reluctant to recommend a new company, but once you experience the quality services we offer, your doubts will be erased.

Here at Triangle Pools, we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our services! For more information, call us today at 727-531-0473!