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Owning and maintaining a pool is not easy. There’s maintenance and costs and cleaning services required. Why not call a swimming pool service company in Seminole for all your clean swimming needs? In business since 1959, Triangle Pool Service is dedicated to the full service and satisfaction of their customers.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

To maintain the pristine and enjoyable appearance of your aquatic paradise, it must also be kept safe and sanitary. Your pool should be a place of peaceful relaxation, not a moldy germ-filled hole in the ground. From cleaning to testing, Triangle provides a complete service package. Either for residential or commercial requirements, we offer scheduled cleaning visits, starting at 3 times a week.

You don’t have to wade through leafy garbage or particulate matter from Seminole tree debris being blown into your water. We offer vacuum and skimming services as well as filter cleaning. A pool can be a big undertaking, even after the initial install. Chemical additives are an easy way to keep your watering hole sanitary, for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

Murky Water

Clogged pipes could be the cause of murky water. In addition to all our cleaning services, we repair filters and clogged pumps. There are many local ordinances involved with owning a pool, and one of them requires that it not be a local safety or health hazard. We, at the best swimming pool service company in Seminole, can make sure you’re always in compliance with the local laws.


If you own one on commercial property, the ordinances are even stricter. Our swimming pool service company in Seminole guarantees to keep your watering hole a safe and healthy environment. Creating a serene playful location for community swimmers is a very important part of our pledge to you. We only use the best products and most up-to-date techniques to keep your bathers safe and coming back for more.

Lack of proper care and maintenance can also open your business to liability suits. Commercial areas experience a much higher level of swimming traffic, and so special attention must be given to those surfaces. Our commercial management system allows us to adamantly monitor your water’s condition and adjust the system for premium pool quality.

Swimming Pool Service Company in Seminole

We are the highest quality swimming pool service company in Seminole, and we understand that your pool is a major investment and should be taken care of properly. You are a busy person and we will cater to your schedule. You don’t have time to always be cleaning debris from the water, so let us do it for you. There’s no need to ever come home to a dirty, grungy liquid again. We can clean while you’re away, so when you come home after a long day and want a relaxing soak, your little lake is ready for use.

No matter how small or big the water’s surface, keeping it pristine is a very difficult job. Let us maintain it for you. We work with all shapes and sizes of personal and commercial pools. With decades of servicing, you can rely on us to make owning a pool a fun effortless endeavor. We work hard to make sure our customers are happy, because your pool is important to us.

Our customers rely on us to bring them fast, friendly, and, above all, reliable services. This is a job we have succeeded at since 1959. For a full service swimming pool service company in Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, St Pete, or Palm Harbor, call us at (727) 531-0473.