No matter the season, proper swimming pool services are an important part of keeping your Palm Harbor oasis, clean, healthy, and in working order.  During the summer when the water see’s the most use and excessive rain dilutes chemicals and throws off the pH balance, homeowners can have a hard time keeping up with maintenance and cleaning. During the winter you might think that since it’s not in use, there is no need for upkeep; however, trying to clean and stabilize the pH of a pool that’s been neglected for 5 months is far more difficult than keeping up it in the first place. At Triangle Pool, we will ensure that no matter when it is, you will always be cannon-balling into crystal clear water.

The Importance of Swimming Pool Services in Palm Harbor

Whether you only live in Florida for part of the year, or you don’t use your pool during the colder months, it might seem easier to simply forgo swimming pool services when you aren’t planning on using it for a while, but it’s not!  Keeping the water clean is important for the swimmers, yes, but it’s also just as importance for the integrity of the lining, pump, and other moving parts!

Something as simple as allowing leaves to collect on the bottom and algae to grow can have some pretty harmful effects.

While harmless on their own, the algal blooms that occur when swimming pool services are neglected will create the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow.  They also more commonly cause odors and tastes that can be unpleasant to the swimmer.  When algae is present in the water, it uses up chlorine additives far more quickly, and the dead and dying plant matter increases the acidity of the water. With our help, you can be sure your water is clear and clean every day of the year!

How does the acidity affect you?

Even after you’ve removed all of the rotting algae and leaf matter, and filtered out all of the particulates, the pH of your Palm Harbor lagoon doesn’t change unless you take special steps to alter it.

Water that is too acidic:

  • Burns your eyes and nose when you swim
  • Causes chlorine to evaporate more quickly, which wastes chlorine and removes it’s disinfecting qualities
  • Bleaches the color from plastics and clothing
  • Corrodes both metal and plastic fixtures and parts

If the water becomes too alkaline, the effects can be just as bad:

  • A pH that is too high also burns your eyes and nose when you swim
  • Calcium carbonate forms when the excess calcium bonds with carbon in the water. This leaves mineral deposits along the water line and around ladders and railings..
  • The water becomes cloudy and cannot be filtered clear without first correcting the pH.
  • An alkalinity that is too high also diminishes chlorine’s sanitizing ability. Triangle Pool’s professional Palm Harbor swimming pool services maintain a proper pH of about 7.2.  With a pH of only 8, it takes 5 times more chlorine to achieve the same disinfecting effect as it would at the correct pH.

Our Swimming Pool Services in Palm Harbor

Now that you understand the importance of proper swimming pool services for your Palm Harbor hang out spot, it’s important to find a company that will provide you with the best quality maintenance and repairs.  At Triangle we offer:

  • Chemicals and treatment
  • Water testing and monitoring
  • Vacuuming and skimming
  • Tile and filter cleaning
  • Multiple care packages available
  • Free use of a salt water generator!
  • The best customer service available

When you choose Triangle, you know that you will receive the best care, by a technician who is assigned to you, so you always know the person who is keeping your private oasis crystal clear.  If you’re ready to remove the stress of maintaining water quality while you are away, contact us online or call us today in Palm Harbor at (727)531-0473.