Hiring professionals to take care of your swimming pool services in your Palm Harbor home isn’t something that should only be done after something breaks; it is something you should invest in from the moment you move into a home with such a beautiful amenity, to ensure healthy, clean water year-round. At Triangle Pool we offer repairs, installations, replacements, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. As members of the FSPA (Florida Swimming Pool Association), we understand the importance of consist cleaning and maintenance to ensure you reduce the costs of unnecessary repairs, while prolonging the lifespan of all the system’s parts!

Our Swimming Pool Services

For years we have been the number one company residents in Palm Harbor call if they are looking for fast, affordable service. Some of our most popular services include:

Pool Pump Repair

Most people notice almost immediately when something is wrong with their pool’s pump, because the water quickly becomes cloudy and discolored. If you want it back in working (and swimming) condition, it is imperative you call to have the pump repaired ASAP. Otherwise, bacteria will develop and the quality of your water will severely plummet. These pumps undergo a lot of heavy use when circulating and filtering the water on a day to day basis, so overtime it is to be expected that their efficiency wears thin. With pool pump repair being one of our specialty services, you can rest assured knowing Triangle Pool will have your system up and functioning like new in no time.

Leak Repair

If you have noticed a significant difference in water level, the problem can usually be attributed to a leak. Our professionals use modern swimming pool service techniques to locate the problem area, determine its severity, and provide leak repair services at an affordable price. We always make sure the new lines we install are able to handle the same amount of pressure, and we know which methods and materials to use depending on the type of lining you have in your pool. We used innovative sensors to locate and identify the issue and quality craftsmanship to repair it.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Any Palm Harbor homeowner knows that properly maintaining a pool can be pretty difficult. It is our job to take care of all the work for you—not only the major repairs, but the day to day maintenance as well. The only time you should have to think about your aquatic oasis is when you are outside, relaxing under the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather! That is why we take care of everything from the vacuuming and skimming to the chemical balancing and water circulation.

If you are interested in our residential swimming pool services in Palm Harbor, we are currently offering a special, which includes:

  • 1 month free after 6 months
  • Free use of chlorine generator
  • 1 month of free service when you sign up a friend

To learn more information about our pool pump repairs and abundance of other services to keep your system clean and healthy, give us a call today to get a free quote: 727-531-0473.