When it comes to owning a swimming pool, pool heater repair can make ownership more complicated. Troubleshooting can be difficult without professional experience. This guide can help you pinpoint the problem and identify how to fix it. Whether gas, propane, heat pump, or electric, if you need professional assistance, Triangle Pool is a trustworthy resource for high-quality service in Tampa Bay.

The Heater Doesn’t Ignite

If your device doesn’t ignite, check the following:

  • Is the element switched to ‘on’?
  • Is the thermostat reading a higher temperature than the water?
  • Are the filters and baskets clean?
  • Are all valves open and in position?
  • If there is a pilot light, is it lit?
  • Is the gas supply open?

If you have checked over every element and still cannot identify where the problem is originating, you may need a pool heater repair professional in Tampa to examine your system.

The Heater Doesn’t Warm Up the Water Enough

If the water isn’t hot enough, check that the thermostat isn’t set too low. For heat loss greater than heat input, your heater may be too small. Alternatively, the outside air temperature in Tampa may be too chilly, or there may not be enough supply of a power source like gas or electricity. The device might also be overheating and tripping a high limit switch to shut off the heat supply. Check that the exhaust is clear from debris.

The Heater Leaks Water

Water leakage from a pool heater may be due to damage from chemicals, winter freezes, leaking gaskets, loose connections, missing O-rings, or loose drain plugs. Check the elements to see that everything is present and secure. If the problem persists, call a pool heater repair professional in Tampa.

The Heat Disappears Too Quickly

If you notice the heat leaves your water faster than it should, there may be a blockage somewhere preventing the device from operating at its fullest. You want to make sure the element is clean and dry. Check the burner tray for leaves and other debris, and remove anything from the heat exchanger. A cover can also help prevent heat loss, especially when the ambient air temperature is much lower than the water temperature.

My Heating Bill Has Gone Up

Out of nowhere, if you notice your heating bill has gone up and costs more than normal, you may need pool heater repair. The most common cause for sudden spikes in heating costs is because something is malfunctioning, like a pump or motor. They work harder and use more power to produce even less heat, so it’s inefficient and causes your bill to rise while performance decreases. If your heater is in working order but your bills are still too high, you can use a solar cover to retain heat, block wind from stealing heat with shrubs or tarps, keep the temperature as low as possible while still being comfortable, and turn off the device when not in use.

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