Tampa swimming pools require ongoing maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. It can be difficult to pinpoint issues with your pool that can sometimes allow a simple issue to become more complicated and costly to repair. Here we offer tips to help you troubleshoot your pool heater repair issues.

Pool Heater Repair Basics

One of the most common signs you might need pool heater repair services is the heater not igniting. If this is the case, you can first make sure the element is switched to “on.” A bit of an embarrassing first step, but a common issue that is easily fixed! If it is on, do a quick assessment checking the following:

  • Make sure the filters and baskets are clean.
  • All the valves should be open and in the proper position. If you’re uncertain about positioning, give us a call so we can take a look and make adjustments.
  • If your pool heater has a pilot light, make sure it’s lit. If it’s out, you can relight it by holding the knob down to allow the pilot generator to heat up. Hold it about a minute before your release it and then turn the gas valve knob to the “ON” position.
  • Check that your gas supply is open.


Once you complete your assessment and have made some adjustments you should see the heater ignite. If not, you should call our pool heater repair team to take a look.

Dipping Water Temperatures


When the water in your pool causes shivers, does it correspond with dipping Tampa temperatures? If not, it could be as simple as not having the right temperature set on your thermostat. Take a look and try turning it up to see if the water heats up. You can also see if there’s any debris in the exhaust area, which can cause your heater to overheat. If this is happening, the system will reach the high limit and shut off automatically.

If these tips don’t improve water temperature, your power source might not be supplying enough power to keep the heater working properly. On the other hand, your heater might be too small. Our pool heater repair experts can check things out and make recommendations or repairs as required.

Mysterious Pool Heater Leaks


If your pool heater is leaking water, this is a sign there could be damage caused by chemicals or winter freezes. You can take a look for other issues that could be causing the leak including:

  • Leaking gaskets
  • Loose connections
  • Missing O-rings
  • Loose drain plugs

If you address these issues but still have leaks, it’s a good idea to give our pool heater repair professionals a call.

The Great Disappearing Heat Act 

Blockages can make the heat in your pool cool down too quickly. To troubleshoot blockages:

  • Make sure the element is clean and dry
  • Remove debris from the burner tray and heat exchanger

If you want to avoid heat loss due to cooler weather, we always recommend using a cover to help keep water warm. Of course, if the issue is related to your heater, it’s time to call our pool heater repair team!

Rising Energy Bill, Dropping Pool Temps


When your pool heater is not functioning properly, it has to work harder. This will cause more energy usage, cranking up your heating/utility bills. If you notice a sudden rise in your energy bill when everything in your home seems to be working fine, you might be in need of pool heater repair.

If you need a trusted Tampa pool heater repair expert in Tampa, call Triangle Pools at (727) 531-0473 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.