In cooler months, Largo homeowners rely on their heating systems to enjoy their pool year-round. A faulty unit is a safety hazard and keeps you on the sidelines. Knowing when you need pool heater repair will help you stay safe and swimming throughout the whole year.

Water Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

The issue could be that your filter is dirty, or maybe you didn’t set the timer properly. Without regular cleaning, a dirty filter can keep the heater from firing because of the low flow. A cleaning routine is an excellent way to keep this from becoming an issue.

Heater Won’t Stay or Turn on

This machine thrives when there is a free flow, and there are several reasons it won’t operate correctly.

  • Low water pressure, often caused by a grimy filter
  • Low fuel
  • Faulty transformer

Confirm that either the propane tank is full, or that gas valves are open and providing enough fuel to your unit in Largo. The shut-off valve could be clogged, or the electrical terminals might have corroded from moisture. It’s best to leave the technical work to pool heater repair professionals.

Unit Releases Smoke or Soot

For a heating unit to function, it needs to receive an adequate supply of oxygen for ignition and also be able to emit carbon monoxide. If the system is releasing smoke, soot, or looks burnt, turn it off and contact a pool heater repair expert immediately. The safety risk is high, so check regularly to ensure that it isn’t giving off smoke or soot.

Unusual Noises

The most common cause of unusual sounds is debris caught in the hose or filter. When the unit is operating, check these areas first. Once you’ve identified the obstruction, you can back-flush the filter. Not every owner of an aquatic oasis in Largo is comfortable doing this, so give your local pool heater repair business a call.

Call Triangle Pools for Pool Heater Repair

It’s easy to know when your heating system doesn’t work, but identifying why isn’t always straightforward. The trained professionals at Triangle Pools in Largo can help solve the problem. Contact us at (727) 531-0473 (or filling out the online form) to schedule an appointment or cleaning service!