When it comes to operating and cleaning your Clearwater pool, you should only get the highest quality pool maintenance gear. Regardless of what top of the line products and accessories you go with, there are a few maintenance categories that are necessary to fill.  Here are some tools that aquatic professionals know personal oasis in top shape.

What You Need for Pool Maintenance

If you are planning on doing your own maintenance, here are the products you absolutely need:

  • Water Testing Kit – Managing the proper pH and chemical balance of the water is incredibly important. Letting it get unbalanced can create many problems, from health problems and skin irritation to allowing algae growth.  Talk to a pool maintenance company in Clearwater to find out what the best testing supplies are for your personal watering hole.
  • Chemicals – If you notice that things are a little out of whack when doing your water testing, you’ll need to add the right chemicals to rebalance your water. This can include everything from adding in chlorine, shock, and algaecide. Regardless of the chemical, please be careful with whatever you are handling.
  • Scrub Bushes – These are great for getting algae and dirt off the sides and bottom of your pool that the vacuum can’t initially suck up. Consistent scrubbing will help keep your water looking clear too.
  • Vacuum and skimmer – You will need to get a vacuum to clear out dirt and microorganisms off the walls and bottom of the pool. This goes a long way in keeping your personal oasis looking great.  Skimmers are useful in cleaning out any leaves, bugs, and other debris off the top of the water.

Triangle Works for You

If you don’t want to worry about doing your own pool maintenance, contact Triangle Pool in Clearwater.  Their team of professionals has all the tools and experience to give you the best possible service. Call them today at (727) 531-0473 (or fill out their online form).  They’re happy to help with all of your aquatic needs and answer all of the questions that you may have.