The average cost for pool maintenance is dependent on a couple of factors. Each pool is unique, and your own specific needs can affect the price. The residential family pool in your backyard will have different service requirements compared to a downtown commercial pool or at a luxury resort.

What is the average cost for pool maintenance?

Individual pool maintenance service providers set their own rates. In most instances, these will be tiered across multiple packages. This way, all types of budgets and requirements are accommodated.

For example, at Triangle Pool Services, we offer three maintenance plans to customers seeking residential pool maintenance. Meanwhile, our commercial maintenance plan is a flat rate based on the specifics of the pool. All our prices are competitive, with the average cost for pool maintenance.

Our service rates are subject to the size of the pool in question and your location. The age and condition of the operating system associated with the swimming pool will also affect the rate we quote.

Our pool maintenance packages

The three service plans available at Triangle Pool Services are econo, standard, and elite. All three packages include the same essentials of efficient pool maintenance:

  • All chemicals provided
  • Testing and balancing of water
  • Baskets emptied
  • Filters cleaned

We add the benefit of tile vacuuming, brushing, and skimming to our standard plan.

If you want to splash out, then the elite package (our premium offering) adds a complete salt system. This is a natural method of using salt to chlorinate your water to precisely the right amount. It gives your pool a little added extra to keep it gleaming year-round.

In most cases, you will be assigned to the same pool technician each visit.

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How to pay less than the average cost for pool maintenance

If you are looking to reduce your pool maintenance costs, Triangle Pool Services offer a handful of ways to support you.

Firstly, we reward our customers with a whole month of pool servicing for free. This is applied once you’ve purchased six continuous months of pool maintenance. That means that loyalty will bring your average cost for pool maintenance right down!

Secondly, we run a referral scheme. If you recommend Triangle to your friends, family, and neighbors, and they sign up with us – we’ll give you another month of service for free.

Our third exclusive perk that our customers love is the free use of our salt chlorine generator. This is available to anyone who takes out a residential pool maintenance plan with us. We simply ask for a one-off payment of $75 to balance your pool water and a yearly fee of $15. This permits us to stabilize your pool and add scale-inhibitors.

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