You may think a pool company in Oldsmar is there to just install your pool and maybe supply you with some chemicals to maintain clean water, and with some service provider that may be true. At Triangle however, the experts provide services from your first dive to your last cannonball of the summer.

Keeping things clean

Your swimming hole is an extension of your Oldsmar property and your property’s worth. For this reason it is really important to preserve its image and keep it clean. This can be done well with the right amount of knowledge and care from your pool company.  From top floating debris to stubborn stains at the bottom, they have the tools available to keep your backyard oasis shining all year round.

Triangle Pool will work with you to accommodate both your schedule and your needs. Our pool company offers daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly care packages. Experience shows that preventative measures, like frequent cleanings, will ultimately save you money in the long run.

About chemistry

Our swimming holes have a delicate balance of chemicals that regulate the pH balance and the cleanliness. Working with chemicals should not be done inexpertly and that’s where the pros of Triangle come in. It is important to have a professional control the chemical balance for the water to be safe to swim in. Your body and other particles can cause certain reactions with the chemicals and can create harmful bacterial growths.

Why hire a pool company

When people think about building their backyard oasis, they often picture themselves swimming, tanning, and having fun with their friends and family, and that’s exactly how it should be! No one wants to think about the constant concern of upkeep. That’s an idea our pool company respects and embraces. We encourage you to let experts do the hard work so you can enjoy the water worry free! Cleaning your source of summer fun is a difficult and tedious job, but it doesn’t have to be your job. Contact us online or call Triangle today at (727) 531- 0473 to schedule an appointment and decide which cleaning routine is best for your Oldsmar backyard oasis.