Having a backyard oasis at your Palm Harbor home can be a treat. Especially in the summer months to cool off and have fun. But taking care of your amenity is also a daily commitment that homeowners must take seriously. Follow this swimming pool maintenance schedule to ensure that you are taking proper care of your summer oasis.

Every few days

To keep your pool’s circulation system running smooth and working at peak efficiency, it is important to remove leaves and debris from the surface to keep it from sinking to the bottom. Use your hands or a skimmer every few days to reduce the need for added chlorine.

You should also frequently clean out the baskets that collect floating debris. Also check the water level while you are performing your swimming pool maintenance, especially when you are using your swimming hole the most during the hot Palm Harbor summer. If it is low, you can refill it with a garden hose.

Every Week

Vacuuming either manually or with an automatic cleaner that hooks up to your drain will reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add. Brushing walls and steps should also be done weekly so nothing builds up. Choose the appropriate brush for you amenity:

  • If you have plaster or concrete walls, use a stiff brush.
  • If you have vinyl, fiberglass, or tiles use a soft brush.

It is important to check the water chemistry of your backyard oasis weekly and make adjustments to keep the chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels consistent and safe.

Every Year

If your swimming hole is heated, by gas or electrically, the mechanism will typically need to be serviced by experts every year or so. But if something stops working in between your scheduled care, then you will need to call a professional to service the problem before it causes damage to your backyard oasis.

Swimming Pool Maintenance @ Triangle Pools

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