Living in sunny Clearwater means you can enjoy your backyard oasis nearly year-round. It can also means keeping up with routine pool services. One of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself when committing to your own personal swimming hole is whether you want to complete regular upkeep on your own or hire a pool service company.

There are three categories of care that any Floridian pool owner should know: balancing chemicals, cleaning, and maintaining equipment. It is important to get familiar with what these processes will entail. Assessing how much personal time you have to spare in order to get it all done. Also keeping size, location, usage, and necessary equipment in mind.

Pool Services and Assessments

  • Size— While having a luxuriously large backyard spa is also a lot of work to keep up with. It is going to require more chemicals to maintain the proper balance. You will also spend more time to completing vacuuming and skimming jobs. Hiring a pool services company will ensure that every inch is getting the proper care. That includes the attention needed for the cleanest water.
  • Location— Clearwater sees a lot of heavy rain and strong wind during hurricane season. If you don’t screen or protect your area, you’ll see a lot of debris accumulate in the water. You may also get a lot of debris build up if you’re in a densely wooded area or in an area that attracts a lot of insects.
  • Usage— The more you use it, the more attention it needs on a frequent basis. The dirt that is tracked in from kids jumping in and out of the pool will mean more regular cleaning is needed.  On the flipside, if you’re a casual swimmer, using it once or twice a week for exercise, you aren’t going to bring the same amounts of oils and dirt. Keep in mind that makeup, sunscreen, sweat, and anything else that may be on the skin’s surface will contaminate the water.
  • Equipment— Whether in-ground or above ground, you’re going to need the proper equipment for vacuuming, filtering, and skimming. How do you know what the best option for your Clearwater property is? You’ll also need to factor in that this equipment, and any other lighting or heating equipment, is going to need regular maintenance and repairs.

The money you spend on hiring a pool services company in Clearwater could be worth the time you’ll save doing it yourself.

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