When you hire a pool cleaning company in Oldsmar, you expect the service technicians to know what they are doing. More importantly, you expect them to take care of your home. Do research on the company you want to hire and become knowledgeable on the services that they are offering so you can identify the signs that you need to hire a new cleaning company.

Services You Need

Your swimming hole has very specific needs that a good team will know how to attend to. These needs are related to various things.

Water Chemistry

This is an important part of maintenance from a pool cleaning company. Water chemistry should be checked twice a week during the summer months. If your technicians assure you that they do not need to come that often, they could be putting your swimmer’s safety and the lifespan of your pool in jeopardy. If you have a saltwater system, the chlorine generator should also be cleaned regularly.

Debris Clearing

Anything floating on the surface of the pool is another sign that your cleaning company is not properly taking proper care of your Oldsmar swimming hole. The skimmer basket should be regularly cleaned out so that it does not result in equipment damage or algae buildup. Any debris that is not caught by the skimmer should be manually skimmed.

Equipment and Filters

Timers and pumps need to be working correctly and running regularly to ensure a healthy pool. It is usually recommended that your pumps be running for around 8 hours a day in the summer season.

The filters in your amenity ensure the water remains clean and clear. Make sure the filters are clean regularly and replacements should occur every 4 to 6 months.

Fees You Can Expect from a Pool Cleaning Company

A pool cleaning company in Oldsmar will usually charge around $100 to $120 a month. Some will charge more depending on the size of the pool. When agreeing with a company on a price, make sure you know what services you are paying for and don’t get trapped paying for a service you don’t need. Also, do not hesitate to do research when your service technicians tell you to pay for something that wasn’t originally agreed upon.

If you are looking for more information on a pool cleaning company in Oldsmar or you are looking to switch to a reliable and professional service call Triangle Pool Service at (727) 531-0473 (or use their online form). They specialize in residential cleaning and maintenance to get your pool sparking a ready for the hot summer season.