While many Oldsmar residents bask in the sunshine and warm weather that is so common in Florida, others curse the amount of pool cleaning work required because of it. Having a backyard swimming hole can be great for relaxation, exercise, and child’s play if it is maintained properly. Hiring a professional company to keep your swimming water clear and healthy is the best way to avoid wasting more time working on your aquatic area instead of spending time enjoying it.

Triangle Pool Services offers different upkeep packages to help customers protect and delight in their investments instead of resenting their backyard watering holes. Our skilled technicians are experienced with both large and small areas, so they can thoroughly inspect your aquatic area, determine its maintenance needs, and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Why is Pool Cleaning So Important?

Failing to properly maintain your Oldsmar swimming area can cause your water’s pH to lose balance, which can cause a number of issues. A professional pool cleaning company can prevent problems with your aquatic area such as improper pH balance and unhealthy waters.

When the water’s pH levels get too low, the water becomes acidic; this can lead to the following problems:

  • The water can sting our eyes and nose when we swim
  • The chlorine can evaporate too quickly, which reduces the disinfecting qualities it is needed for
  • The water is not being sanitized properly, which can lean do harmful illnesses
  • The metal and plaster components can slowly start to corrode

When the water’s pH levels get too high, the water becomes basic, causing the following issues:

  • The water can burn our eyes and noses
  • The waterlines develop scaly mineral deposits due to calcium carbonate formation
  • The water becomes cloudy
  • The high alkalinity diminishes the chlorine’s ability to sanitize the water

Our Cleaning Packages

Hiring a professional Oldsmar pool cleaning company to work on your favorite backyard amenity can not only keep your waters fresh and safe, but also alleviate any stress or frustration associated with constant upkeep.

Supreme Service: Weekly Visits

Our basic package includes one visit per week, in which technicians will take care of the following maintenance components:

  • Providing all chemicals
  • Testing water
  • Skimming, vacuuming, and tile brushing
  • Cleaning filters as needed
  • Emptying all baskets
  • Using a salt chlorine generator

An added benefit of hiring professionals is that you’ll always have a trained eye keeping a lookout for repairs that may come up, and if they do, you’ll have a trusted professional to fix the issues quickly and efficiently.

Econo Chemical Service: Bi Weekly Visits

If your Oldsmar swimming hole is in frequent use and you think you need extra pool cleaning services, the Econo Chemical Service package may be a better option, as it includes two visits per week to take care of all the same maintenance components.

Choose Triangle Pool

Since 1959, the experts at Triangle Pool of Oldsmar have specialized in providing superior pool cleaning services. Our family-owned and operated company now has several hundred clients and is one of the area’s leading companies for residential and commercial repairs and maintenance and bulk chemical deliveries. We also specialize in automation for large resorts, municipalities, water parks, and other large facilities.

No matter how large or small your swimming area may be, our technicians can provide excellent pool cleaning services so that you can spend your summer splashing around instead of slaving over maintenance chemicals and equipment. If you are ready to hand some of your responsibilities over to Oldsmar’s experts, give us a call today at (727) 531-0473.