Whether you own a commercial building or residential home in the Clearwater area, Triangle is the best pool company for every service you need to keep your water sparkling clean. Frequent and proper care is very important for the health of your water and the health of those who enjoy it. Do not take any risks by trusting an inexperienced company; we have been taking care of Clearwater for 55 years, and we serve hundreds of customers weekly.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

No two swimming areas are the same, and that means that each needs customized care. Triangle is an all-inclusive pool company, ready to handle everything from your standard residential pool to a water park. We provide cleaning, maintenance, and repairs as needed or on a scheduled routine.

Residential Pool Services

Backyard pools are a staple in every Clearwater home to beat the heat and keep the kids happy during summer break. Our technicians at Triangle can make sure that your water is clean and summer-ready with weekly maintenance and repairs as necessary. Proper care from a licensed pool company is more extensive than one might think to keep it clean and healthy. If the chemicals like salt and chlorine are out of balance, bacteria and algae could grow, which is harmful. Technicians test the water and take any corrective actions needed during weekly maintenance visits. Our professionals also perform cleaning procedures such as vacuuming, brushing, skimming, and filter cleaning. We offer several different service packages based on the needs of your property and setting up a consultation is the best way to figure out what your home needs.

Commercial Pool Services

Owners of commercial swimming areas in the Clearwater community have a lot of responsibility to keep their visitors safe and happy. At Triangle, we want to help lift that pressure by ensuring that, with our pool company, your commercial property will always be clean, safe, and in working order. We cover everything from basic cleaning and maintenance to automatic feed systems. We even offer the free use of one of our chlorine salt generators. Our business is an active member of the World Waterparks Association, so we are not intimidated by the size of any project.

Repairs and Maintenance

When things are not running correctly with your system, do not call just any pool company to check it out. When you let Triangle take care of your Clearwater home, our technicians know your individual system. This means we can easily pinpoint the problem, and work towards a solution. Whether it is a leak that is draining your water level or a pump problem that is causing a chemical imbalance, we will have the tools and the knowledge to fix the problem quickly and get your family back in the water.

Specialty Products

In some commercial pools and larger water parks, basic chemicals and equipment are not enough to keep everything running smoothly. If you need specialty items or want to purchase your chemicals in larger quantities, we can help. We can distribute chlorine, balancers, drums, tanks, and a full line of other chemicals. We also offer bulk delivery so you can stock up.

Triangle Pool Company

We believe that you should always feel comfortable with the pool company you use. Our family-owned and operated business has been serving the needs of Clearwater citizens since 1959. Triangle’s expert technicians are some of the best in the industry. We are an authorized factory sales and service location for all your equipment. When you order through us, you will know exactly where your parts are coming from. We do not believe in hiring outside contractors to complete repairs, especially when our employees are trained and equipped to handle the toughest situations.

Call us today at (727) 531-0473 to schedule an appointment or contact us online to determine which of our services are best for your home.