Without proper swimming pool maintenance, your little piece of paradise in Largo could quickly turn into a dirty pond. Taking care of your swimming hole is a chore not many of us want to perform after getting home from a long day of work. Thankfully, at Triangle Pool, taking care of everything for you is our specialty. So just sit back and let us ensure your backyard oasis is ready for your next dip in the water.

Our Services

Triangle offers full swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair services to the residents of Largo and surrounding areas. Our company has been around the bay for over 50 years, providing the services of excellent technicians. Because each home is different, we have created a variety of maintenance packages so we can guarantee we will have an offer to fit your needs.

The most popular of our packages comprises a basic single visit every week. With this option the technician will:

  • Skim, vacuum, and brush
  • Provide all chemicals you need
  • Test the water
  • Clear filters as needed
  • Empty baskets

Some of our customers decide to opt for additional benefits that come with becoming one of our supreme members. For swimming holes requiring more attention, our Econo Chemical package includes two visits per week at your Largo location.

If you’re ready to give up the chore of performing some unreliable DIY swimming pool maintenance and let professionals take care of the task, give us a call today!

What’s Important about Swimming Pool Maintenance?

The obvious aspect of the job is to keep the water clear and ready for the summer days so you can enjoy a swim whenever you want. More importantly, proper swimming pool maintenance takes care of maintaining the right chemical balance.

At Triangle, our technicians are trained to regulate:

  1. Chlorination
  2. Filtration
  3. pH level
  4. Calcium hardness

Without proper care, your backyard oasis will turn into water that burns your eyes and nose and fades the colors of your swim suits.

Triangle Pool

Our company is one of the best around Largo. You can always count on our trained and certified technicians’ high standards of care, and rest assured we will never contract out work. We place a great deal of importance in building close relationships with our clients, and that’s why hiring Triangle for your swimming pool maintenance will give you one and only one technician. No need to let in a different person every week, with us, you know who will come in advance. And if we have to make a change because of vacations or unplanned emergency, we will be sure to let your know.

Triangle Pool was founded in 1959, and has since operated as a family owned company. We are particularly dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality gear and support around Largo and the rest of the Tampa Bay.

Triangle is the team of experts to hire for all your swimming pool maintenance needs. We are proud members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association and the World Waterpark Associate, are fully licensed and insure, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you own any aquatic facility in Largo, give it the best care you can find in your area. Contact Triangle, your one-stop supplier for repair, services, and equipment. Stop worrying about your swimming hole, and start thinking of all the relaxing hours spent by the water waiting for you.

To receive more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment in Largo, give us a call today at (727) 531-0473