Though many people invest in aquatic areas to ensure yearlong summer fun in the sun, the constant cleaning and repairs can make owning a swimming hole a lot less appealing. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Triangle Pool of Palm Harbor offers the best pool service to keep your waters sanitary and sparkling year round. Because frequent cleaning and maintenance is necessary, but often tedious, hiring a trusted local company to perform the work can take a load of stress off your shoulders.

Residential and Commercial Pool Service

No property is the same or requires the same maintenance, which is why Triangle works to individualize care needs. Our team of skilled professionals has experience with both large and small properties. We can help maintain residential properties as well as larger commercial facilities, such as hotels, apartment complexes, water parks, or other private swimming facilities. Our goal is to make sure anyone who splashes around in your swimming hole is safe to do so, whether family members, guests, or customers.


Backyard swimming holes are popular in Florida for adults to relax and kids to play in the near year-round sunshine. If you are a Palm Harbor homeowner with a backyard oasis of your own, hiring a professional pool service company to care for your waters is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

There are a lot of different steps that need to be taken to ensure proper sanitation and balance, and most of the time professional technicians can perform the maintenance process more quickly and efficiently than the average man or woman can. Experienced technicians know the precise chemical and pH balance necessary to keep your Palm Harbor aquatic area safe and healthy for use, and they are able to repair any issues that they run into as they work.

Our basic residential pool service package prevents grime buildup that can cause long-term damage to the tiles and equipment through use of the following maintenance steps:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Filter cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Water testing
  • Chemical balancing
  • Emptying baskets


A number of different commercial property types exist in the Palm Harbor area, but they all have the same responsibilities: to keep guests safe and happy.

Although we do offer the same basic pool service options to both residential and commercial owners, there are additional components offered to owners of commercial properties:

  • Bulk chemical distribution
  • Digital automated management systems
  • Wireless capability
  • 24-hour chemical automation with HHR and ORP control units
  • UV sterilization
  • Tablet and liquid feed systems
  • Lifeguarding equipment

Choose Triangle Pool

Since 1959, Triangle Pool has been a family-owned and operated pool service business, working hard to earn a reputation for excellence in Palm Harbor and the surrounding communities. Triangle Pool is active in both the Florida Swimming Pool Association and The World Water Parks Association, which makes us confident in our abilities to handle your small or large aquatic area.

When it comes to cleaning, repairing, and maintaining your aquatic area, we know the best care methods to use in order to achieve the highest levels of sanitation. Because we never hire outside contractors to complete repairs, you can rest assured that anyone who works on your backyard oasis is certified and factory-trained. Additionally, we cover all manufacturer warranties, so you never have to worry about faulty equipment running your swimming experience.

If you are ready to hire an experienced, licensed, and insured Palm Harbor area pool service company to take care of your commercial or residential property, look no further than Triangle Pool. Call us at (727) 531-0473 to schedule an appointment today.