Leaving a pool to deteriorate can lead to more expensive issues down the line. Palm Harbor residents can avoid hefty pool leak repairs by investing in services as soon as possible. With help from Triangle Pool, clients can avoid potentially damaging more than their source of enjoyment. While many residents may think a small crack or hole is only a minor annoyance, it can be dangerous. While rare, researchers do note that sinkholes are possible due to unkept pools.  These holes can drag along significant amounts of land and threaten your home or other properties.

Rather than taking the risk, property owners are better off investing in repairs as soon as possible. Even minor cracks can quickly develop and spread throughout the bottom of the pool. It can occur with anyone regardless of if the issue is from a lack of maintenance. Massive storms, construction, or heavy objects falling into the water can also cause cracks. Palm Harbor residents can work with us today to avoid cleaning up expensive leaks.

Is my Pool at Risk for a Leak?

Some individuals may believe that because they have fiberglass bottoms, they are safe. After all, fiberglass is exceptionally durable and resistant to shock and damage. Couple that with the fact that water reduces impacts and it should be nearly impossible to break. However, even small cracks can still form and slowly leech chemicals into the ground. This can also affect groundwater and the health of plants in the surrounding area. Pool leak repairs are relatively inexpensive when you consider that amount of damage a leakage can cause. Palm Harbor homeowners should take it upon themselves to keep an eye out for signs of damage.

When it comes to fiberglass, a common sign of cracking is skin irritation. The protective coat of the material can wear away due to natural exposure. The water may gain a milky or cloudy look to it and look off concerning color and opacity. Another common sign is skin irritation. The chemicals and cracks of fiberglass can penetrate the skin and cause itchiness. You may notice red welts and inflammation on your feet and hands. Pool leak repairs help protect property owners from dangerous glass and chemicals.

Benefits of Pool Leak Repairs

Palm Harbor residents can save more than just money by properly maintaining their water and surface. With our help, owners can take advantage of services like testing to ensure the health of their water. Having factors like pH levels too high can mean quicker deterioration and chemical leakage. Merely removing debris and using chemicals will not ensure proper treatment. Sometimes owners should consult with professionals with experience in handling pool leaks. Pool leak repairs can differ drastically and require knowledge and understanding of designs and more. Our repair services adjust to your specific needs to ensure your structure is useable. Clients work with us can also benefit from:

  • Less corrosion
  • Consistent service
  • More effective chemicals

Less Corrosion

Pool leaks can do more than cause damage to the surround plant and wildlife. It can also threaten critical infrastructures like plumbing. As the water seeps into the ground, it can come in contact with pipes. Draining chemicals and water can even endanger the foundation of Palm Harbor homes. Chlorine and other chemicals in the water are incredibly effective at corroding metals and causing rust. Pool leak repairs and maintenance can protect your pipes and save you from sky-high repair costs.

Consistent Service

Whether your own a commercial or residential property, keeping your water feature in top shape is vital. The water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and make users sick if left without treatment. In addition to pool leak repairs, property owners can invest in daily, weekly, and bi-weekly maintenance.

More Effective Chemicals

Commercial and residential properties can also rely on us as their source for chemicals to protect their water. A great way to prevent damage is to ensure all chemical levels are correct and not upset due to storms or lack of care. Palm Harbor clients are provided with all necessary chemicals, regardless of the maintenance tier they choose.

Invest and Pool Leak Repairs and Maintenance Today

Palm Harbor property owners can increase the safety and comfortability of their water with pool leak repairs. The right combination of services can keep your pools going without building up dangerous chemicals or cracks. You can go online or contact us at (727) 531-0473 to learn more.