St. Petersburg residents know that having the best pool services is essential for keeping your swimming area up and running. There are many different ways to keep your waters in peak condition, and Triangle Pool is pleased to offer all of them in one company. Cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and additional specialty areas are our business, and we are ready to help.

Comprehensive Pool Services

Having regular pool service is the best way to maintain the sparkling blue waters of your St. Petersburg swimming hole. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are the biggest things to keep in mind when taking care of your waters. They require a lot of upkeep but provide yearlong fun and recreation. Triangle Pool’s services include specialty products that we can use to improve your swimming hole, such as:

  • Filter media
  • Balancers
  • Enzymes
  • Tile cleaners
  • Custom covers
  • ADA compliant equipment
  • Lifeguard equipment
  • Automatic cleaners
  • Racing line supplies
  • Diving platforms
  • Slides

Add fun elements like these and keep everything running smoothly, all with one company, right in St. Petersburg.


Did you know that chlorine dissipates under direct sunlight? The sun always shines in St. Petersburg, and you don’t want your chemicals evaporating after one day! We will keep everything clean for you with our professional pool services, ensuring that the chlorine levels never drop too low. An unclean swim area will develop bacteria and algae growth; not only is this unsanitary, but it can lead to health problems if exposed. Debris like leaves and branches can harm the sanitation level, and can cause damage by ripping the lining or clogging filters and pumps. Unclean waters can lead to:

  • coli and bacteria growth
  • Recreational Water Illnesses
  • Skin rashes
  • Swimmer’s ear

Protect your friends and family by making sure your waters are cleaned on a routine basis. Not only will it be safer, but maintenance will be easier thanks to the cleanliness.


Did you know that the lifespan of an improperly maintained area is cut in half when not taken care of? Once your water has reached a stable state, you will want to support that state with regular upkeep. Have your water tested regularly to prevent imbalanced amounts of chlorine, and to detect potential problems like calcification.

At Triangle, our pool services include:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • pH level testing
  • Adding chlorine/chemicals
  • Pump/filter repairs

We will keep your St. Petersburg oasis operating at its most efficient level. We have a variety of maintenance packages to choose from, and a licensed technician will regularly tend to your waters for you. No hassle involved!


If a part of your swimming area is broken or damaged, not only will it not operate at 100%, but it could cause further damage or even injuries. Pumps and filters are sensitive mechanisms that are critical for the longevity of your backyard oasis. Ensure they are repaired and replaced when necessary. Leaks that come from damaged mechanisms or rips and tears in the lining can grow quickly, and it is important to detect and fix them right away. Our professionals are highly skilled at finding leaks, no matter the material type of the lining. Get back in business faster with the best pool services in St. Petersburg!

Triangle Pool of St. Petersburg

At Triangle, we are proud to provide some of the best pool services in St. Petersburg. All of our technicians are fully certified and factory trained, and we never use contractors. We believe comprehensive care of your swimming area is the best way to support you and your needs, which is why we offer maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for both residential and commercial pools. We are family owned and operated and have serviced the Tampa Bay area since 1959. We have the experience, supplies, and tools to keep your waters sparkling and bright. We serve both residential and commercial clients. To learn more about what we offer, or if you have any questions, call us today at (727) 531-0473.