Beach season is coming to a close here in Palm Harbor. This is all the more reason why you need to keep up on your pool services. Having a clean, warm, swimming area all year round when you don’t have the threat of snow, is a luxury that Floridians, should take advantage of. But make sure you keep up with the maintenance that needs to be done for your backyard oasis! Here are 4 signs signaling maintenance issues in the hope that you will keep your eye out for:

1. Dirty, Murky, Green Water

The most obvious sign that you need pool services in Palm Harbor is the visible quality of your water. Some things can go unsaid, and dirty, murky, green algae-infested water is definitely a sign that your personal lagoon needs some help.

2. Broken Pool Pump

The most prevalent reason for that gross water is a broken pump. If a pump is not circulating water properly, the water basically turns into a stagnant pond, filling with leaves and scum. If your pump will not turn on whenever you hear it straining to pump the water, you may need to call a Palm Harbor company to come work on your backyard swimming area.

3. Leaks, Cracks, Holes

Another somewhat obvious sign that you are in need of pool services is the presence of leaks, cracks, or holes. But these faults may not be so obvious, especially if you have an above ground setup with a lining. If you suspect that your Palm Harbor oasis is starting to lose water, measure how far the water decreases each day.  Some water loss is normal, but a water level that drops by an inch a day or more has a serious problem.

4. Filtration Issues

Leaks, cracks, and holes can also affect the filtration system. Unhealthy amounts of debris or soil leaking in from a hole can do serious damage to your filter. Call a pool services company in Palm Harbor to check that the valves and other moving parts are working in your filter.

Call Triangle Pool Services

Regular maintenance is extremely important. With a good cleaning company, you can relax knowing your swimming hole is being taken care of professionally. For great cleaning and maintenance, you should call Triangle Pool today! You can reach us at (727) 531-0473 to contact us or by using our online form.