As a pool company in Palm Harbor, we know that many of our clients don’t need to plan on shutting their pool down for winter or worry about it freezing over. However, you should consider these things as it starts to get colder here in south Florida.

Weatherize with Your Pool Company

    • As it starts to cool down, you will not need to run the filter as often to preserve water clarity. When the water temperature is at 70 degrees, you should run the filter run about 8-10 hours a day. If it drops down to 60 degrees and lower, you can start to cut back to save energy.
    • Chlorine generator. All of our clients at Triangle receive free use of a chlorine generator. However, once temperatures begin to drop, the system becomes inefficient and is put under a lot of strain. During the winter, we recommend switching to shocking the water or using chlorine tablets.
    • Chemical levels. Making sure the chlorine and pH levels are correct, even when you aren’t swimming, is imperative. Otherwise you risk having dangerous black algae grow in the water.
    • Even here in Palm Harbor, we have been known to experience some freezing temperatures. When this happens, the pool pump must be running, and all valves should be open to ensure water keeps moving. Otherwise, it can freeze and cause heavy damages very quickly.
    • Investing in a water heater can lengthen your swimming season. You can ask your pool company if you would benefit more from a heat pump or solar panels so you can fully enjoy this investment for as long as possible.

    Contact Your Local Pool Company

    Even though your family won’t be swimming much once temperatures drop below 70 degrees, don’t forget about your pool entirely. It is important to remember that algae can still grow when the water is cold, and if you ignore it, it will be a lot more expensive to clean out months of bacteria and algae growth next spring.

    Save yourself the time and stress and hire a Palm Harbor pool company to take care of your backyard swimming hole all year round. When you hire Triangle, you can rest assured that your water will always be ready for you to dive into!

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