In Florida, swimming is a year-round activity. Keeping a clean and refreshing backyard oasis in Largo can be a tiring task without the help of pool maintenance services. Here are some useful tips from the pros for this upcoming fall.

  • Skimming the Surface. One of easiest things to do is skimming the water’s surface. Doing so removes any leaves, small branches, or bugs that may have landed in the pool.  One often overlooked aspect of skimming is checking and emptying the skimmer baskets.  Keeping these clean lets water flow more easily through the pumps and water filter.
  • Fun With Filters. Keeping a clean filter is important for proper upkeep, but can be confusing. Professional pool maintenance services in Largo will know the proper way to keep your filters running correctly.
  • Brushing, Scrubbing, and Vacuuming. These simple steps will get dirt and grime off the walls and into the filtration system. This prevents algae growth from occurring along with preventing the walls and floor getting stained.  Just a few sessions of upkeep a week will continue to make your backyard oasis looking brand new.
  • How’s the Heater? If you have a water heater, now would be the perfect time to get it checked before the weather starts to cool down. In Largo, pool maintenance services professionals will gladly help ensure your heater is running at maximum efficiency.  This will extend the use of your backyard watering hole, turning it into a place for you to retreat to even in the winter months.
  • Keep the Chemicals in Check. Keeping the right level of chemicals is incredibly important. Too few will allow for microorganisms and bacteria to grow, yet too much will prevent safe swimming.  Many aquatic maintenance professionals can take care of the chemical use for you, saving you time and frustration.

Pool Maintenance Services with Triangle

Paying attention to these small tips will keep your pool running smoothly and allow you to enjoy it throughout the fall.  For greater ease and comfort, contact Triangle Pool at (727) 531-0473 (or using the online form) and ask them about the pool maintenance services they offer in Largo.  Since 1959, their certified technicians have extensive experience and are willing to help you on all your aquatic needs.