With over sixty years in the business, we are proud of our status as a premium pool cleaning company in Oldsmar. Each aquatic space is different and requires its own treatment plan. This is why we offer different hygiene packages for both residential and commercial swimming holes in the local area. Within these, we will tailor them to suit your specific needs.

Choose the right pool cleaning company in Oldsmar.

When seeking a new (or your first) pool cleaning company, you need to find a business you can rely on. Inviting a service member into your home or outsourcing the task at your busy commercial swim space requires a degree of trust. Here is why you should consider choosing Triangle Pool Services.

Family values at our core

We are an independent family business. We feel that this puts us in a prime position for keeping your backyard pool safe for even the littlest swimmers. All our technicians are fully certified and employed in-house; we will never send external contractors.

For private homes, we offer three residential pool maintenance plans; Econo, standard, and elite. We know that every family has a different budget, so our basic package gives you peace of mind without breaking the bank. This is also why we launched our loyalty scheme, whereby after your first six months with us – we treat you to one free month!

Outsource your pool cleaning for a stress-free life

If you manage a public swim space, the last thing you want is a slimy green pool first thing in the morning. It’s an unnecessary hassle and expense to call out an urgent repairer to make the water sparkle again. Not to mention having to let your patrons down while you wait. Regular visits from our pool cleaning company in Oldsmar prevent you from ending up in such a scenario.

Furthermore, our commercial pool cleaning service uses chemical automation and an OPR control unit for larger pools. That means it monitors water quality 24 hours per day and automatically adjusts the rates that chemicals are added.

In addition to pool cleaning, we offer pool maintenance and pool repair services for both residential and commercial pools.

What to expect from your Oldsmar pool cleaning company

  • Transparent communication: When our technician tends to your pool, he will relay any issues that suggest wear and tear. This means that you have time to tackle a potential problem before it becomes an issue.
  • Money-savings: We offer several tiers to help accommodate all budgets. All our services are so efficient that your chemical costs will decrease and you are less likely to need repairs. Furthermore, we like to sprinkle regular special offers on our clients.
  • Reliability: We will dispatch our technicians to suit your preferred schedule. After all, we know you want your pool cleaning company in Oldsmar to visit at a convenient time.

Contact Us!

For all your pool needs, get in touch with Triangle Pool Services. Call us at 727-531-0473 or contact us online with any queries you have about our packages.