If you’ve never considered a professional pool cleaning service in Oldsmar, why not start now? Keeping your pool sparkling clean is a time-consuming, laborious task which gobbles up precious weekends and evenings.

Instead, a qualified pool technician can call in once or twice a week and do the work for you, for a wallet-friendly price. This leaves you with more time to spend in the pool with your family than cleaning it!

Professional pool cleaning service in Oldsmar

Your pool will be the talk of your neighborhood if you switch to using Triangle Pool Services. We have kept pools in tiptop condition in Oldsmar and the surrounding areas for sixty years.

We like to keep things simple, which is why we offer three pool maintenance plans for private residences. These are classified as econo, standard, and elite. One significant difference between the three is the frequency of visits. Econo customers receive bi-weekly visits, while the other two packages include a weekly service. These also include vacuuming, brushing, tile, and skimming.

Our elite package includes a complete salt system. This keeps your water crystal clear and reduces the scents of chemicals. It’s perfect for small children or anyone prone to chlorine sensitivity. Of course, you can always change your package with us.

Other pool cleaning services we offer

In addition to pool cleaning, Triangle Pool Services provides pool maintenance and pool repairs. All our technicians are insured and fully licensed to carry out the following services.

  • Pool maintenance: In addition to your Oldsmar pool cleaning service, our technicians will check your pool pump and your water’s pH balance. This way, you can avoid costly repairs should your machinery break unexpectedly. To the naked eye, a pump may appear to work correctly. However, small fissures can go unnoticed. Not to an expert pool technician, however! Adding maintenance to your cleaning package reduces the risk of harmful bacterial growth from an undesirable pH balance.
  • Pool repairs: If the worst should happen and you require a maintenance specialist, our technicians are on hand to get your pool up and running again. We offer solutions to leaking lining and damaged pumps. However, if you stick to a regular pool cleaning and maintenance plan – the chances of you requiring a repair decreases.

Get a month on us

If you decide to take up our pool cleaning service in Oldsmar, we trust you will find our prices reasonable. We will help you determine which of our cleaning packages is most appropriate to your own pool.

As a thank you for trusting us, we will reward you with one free month following six months of consecutive work. If you refer us to your friends and neighbors, we will grant you an additional free month for each referral who signs up.

What’s more, we’ll throw in the complimentary use of our chlorine generator.

Contact Us!

If you’re ready to enroll in your new pool cleaning service in Oldsmar, call Triangle Pool Services today at 727-531-0473. Alternatively, contact us online with any queries you have.