Triangle Pool’s service technicians in Seminole make the path towards a clean pool easily achievable.

We all know how nice a clean pool looks; unfortunately it takes a decent amount of work to keep that water looking pristine and clear. And with the summer heat already upon us, the time to get your backyard oasis ready for a dip has arrived.

Four Ways to Keep Your Pool Looking Great This Summer

Just the thought of cleaning a pool can be exasperating. That’s especially true when the water has begun to grow algae. However, even in the worst cases, a set and dedicated plan can restore the water to its natural form.

  • Tile Cleaning: Our pool service technicians in Seminole will always clean the tiles first. Dirt from the tiles will fall towards the floor and settle. Therefore, even if the rest of the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, new grime will leave more work ahead.
  • Water Testing: Water testing measures such things as pH and chlorine levels. Although this maintenance measure is supposed to be done at least twice a week, it can serve as an inconvenience for many owners. However, that doesn’t make this crucial step any less important. After all, using our pool services in Seminole to maintain appropriate levels inside the water can work to prevent devastating problems such as corrosion in the future.
  • Vacuuming and Skimming: Vacuuming works as a reliable method for cleaning the filter whereas skimming can remove that unsightly debris such as leaves from the water’s surface. However, it’s important to call Triangle Pool and not waste time when it comes to this step. Otherwise, the filter can easily clog, and the debris can sink to the floor, making the task of cleaning even more difficult.
  • Equipment Check: Any Seminole pool service company will warn against the dangers of neglecting your backyard oasis until problems arise. We will work to diagnose potential issues before they turn into something more problematic and costly. Whether a pool pump, leak, or filter problem, the ultimate goal is to fix the issue quickly and accurately.

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