Have you grown tired of fishing things out of the water every time you want to go for a swim? Then it’s time to choose a swimming pool service company here in Clearwater. With so many to pick from, knowing who will provide quality services and who will fall short is important. Anyone with a business license and some cleaning supplies can call themselves a cleaning company. This can make it difficult to know who will properly take care of your pool.

Choosing the best swimming pool service company in Clearwater can be simple, as long as you know what to look for:

Swimming Pool Service Company FAQ’s

  • How many years have they been in business? Does your pool has any special features? If so you should also inquire as to whether they have experience working with your type of equipment.
  • Clear contract. You don’t want a company whose contract is full with additional fees and costs. You want a contract that is clearly laid out, so you always know how much you’ll be charged.
  • Reviews and recommendations. Look around both their website and outside sources for reviews. You can also ask the company if they can give you name of current customers for you to contact about their experience.
  • What sets them apart? With so many to choose from, you need to be sure you hired the best swimming pool service company. The ideal way to do this is to ask what sets them apart from other businesses here in Clearwater that offer similar services. Any quality and legitimate company will be able to tell you what makes them a great choice.

With Triangle Pool, the choice is easy. They have been in business for over 50 years and specialize in both residential and commercial pool services. Not only do they offer clients the free use of a salt chlorine generator, but they will always send the same technician to your home every week, so you know who to expect.

To see what it’s like to have the best swimming pool service company in Clearwater working for you, call Triangle today at 727-531-0473 or fill out the online form.