Besides emergency pool repair, the best time of year for maintenance is when the pool will be empty. This way, the workers can complete all necessary work without keeping you or your family from enjoying the water. Now the cooler weather is here to stay, it’s the perfect time to call your pool service company. It’s time to take care of whatever repairs you have been putting off all summer.

People up north will have to worry about closing their pools for the winter,but here in Tampa, we don’t have to go through so much trouble. Instead, you can have a technician take care of some common pool repairs.

Pool Repair Includes:

  1. Replace the light. Besides the safety feature, the underwater light adds a cool look and atmosphere to your backyard. You should replace the bulb in the deep end as often as your household lights
  2. Repair or replace the filter. Just like the air conditioning filters in your home, you should replace your pool filter regularly. If you forgot for a few months, or it starts to seem like it isn’t working as well as it used to, you may need to call for professional pool repair.
  3. Problems with the pump motor. This is one of the common needs for repairs. The pump has multiple moving parts, so it’s common that pieces will wear out or break down. When it isn’t working, the water will not be heated, filtered, or circulated correctly, leading to problems with the quality and sanitation.
  4. With the frequent summer rains we see here in Tampa, noticing a leak can be difficult. Now that the rains have stopped, you might see that the water level isn’t where it should be. Call a professional technician to find and repair the leak before too much damage is done.

Triangle Pool has been offering the highest quality of pool repair and maintenance services to the residents of the Tampa Bay for over 50 years. Are you need any maintenance, or tired of constantly cleaning leaves out of the water? Call them today at 727-531-0473 or contact them online to see how they can help you.