Here in Palm Harbor, winter doesn’t always mean locking up the pool for months; many choose to keep it open year-round.  For anyone who wants to keep their water looking crystal clear and clean all year long, here is a list of swimming pool cleaning must-haves for you this winter.

Filters Are Imperative

The filter is the most important piece of equipment because it circulates water and collects debris that may fall in. In fact, filters are so important that Florida has legal specifications for residential pools to keep the water clean and safe at all times. It’s important to do research before purchasing a filter. Your research will show if the filter complies with regulations, and also efficiently cleans your water.

At Triangle Pool Service, they understand that the different makes and models of pool filters can be difficult for a lot of people. Our job is to make it easier for those in the Tampa Bay area by assessing your situation, providing recommendations for the best filter for your situation, and installing it for you.

Balancers are Just as Crucial

As crucial as filters are to swimming pool cleaning, they don’t catch everything. People have natural oils, dirt, makeup, sunscreen, and so much more on the surface of their skin. All of these will come into contact with the water and affect the balance. Balancing kits help maintain a healthy pH so that you aren’t forced to change over pool water frequently.

We have all the necessary chemicals to keep your pool balanced and free of residue for a satisfying swim.

Vacuums are Essential

Vacuuming is a hassle for a lot of people, but it is necessary to remove debris at the bottom. While filters may circulate the water and collect a lot of debris in the process, they can miss things. If your swimming hole isn’t screened in leaves and other debris can fall in, sinking the bottom – where only a vacuum can reach.

The professionals at Triangle offer a full-service swimming pool cleaning experience. Their service packages include vacuuming, which will help you relax instead of stress when it comes to your relaxation spot.

Tile & Swimming Pool Cleaning

Make sure you’re cleaning tile regularly to get rid of calcium deposits and oil build up. Many people forget about tile cleaning because they don’t want the hassle of partially draining and cleaning the pool.  However, if calcium and oil build up and stick to the tile in large enough quantities, it can continue to unbalance the water as you add chemicals.

Calling Triangle at (727) 531-0473 (or filling out their online form) will allow you to have a stress-free, clean backyard oasis year-round by providing extensive, quality swimming pool cleaning care.