Now that summer is in full swing, Palm Harbor residents are turning to their favorite backyard amenity to cool off and relax. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t care for their aquatic areas appropriately and end up with grimy build up and broken equipment. If you’re performing routine upkeep by yourself instead of using an experienced pool maintenance services company, you could be making some common mistakes:

Forgetting to Monitor and Balance pH Levels

The pH levels tell you how acidic/basic your water is, and heavy rainfall to fallen debris can affect it. It is important to monitor the chemical balance of your pool at least once a week to make sure it is between 7.2 and 7.6. Lower readings indicate higher acidity, and higher readings indicate alkalinity—both of which can lead to algae growth in your Palm Harbor swimming hole.

If you’ve been lucky and not had any algae problems, procrastinating chemical monitoring can still be problematic. The more off balance your readings are, the more effort it will take to restore balance to your waters.

Experienced pool maintenance services technicians can regularly monitor your water and restore balance as needed to ensure cleanliness and safety for all swimmers.

Neglecting Regular Cleanings

There is a lot that goes into keeping your backyard oasis clean—skimming, vacuuming, tile brushing, etc. Most Palm Harbor homeowners don’t mind skimming their waters daily to get rid of insects, leaves, and other debris. Vacuuming and tile brushing, on the other hand, can be tedious. Tedious tasks can mean they are avoided even by the most responsible of pool owners.

Any qualified technician will tell you that putting off these routine chores can lead to contaminated waters and algae growth. If you want to make your life a little easier, hire a company to perform these routine pool maintenance services..

Ignoring the Importance of Good Circulation

Making sure your body of water has good circulation is important to ensuring health and safety for anyone who utilizes your backyard amenity. Not all Palm Harbor residents understand how their pumps work. Therefore, they don’t always run them long enough to ensure a strong circulation current.

The size of your swimming space determines how long you should run your pump for optimal circulation. If you’re not sure how to calculate the run time by yourself, call your local pool maintenance services company. A technician can visit your home to assess and also recommend the best protocol for your aquatic area.

Triangle’s Pool Maintenance Services

At Triangle Pool, our technicians are experienced with all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Choosing our Palm Harbor team to work on your backyard oasis means choosing excellence; we will provide top-notch care and as-needed repairs to ensure your summer is stress-free. Reach out to us online or give us a call today at (727) 531-0473 to learn more about our customizable pool maintenance services.