It’s that time of year again in Tampa where the backyard swimming holes will be put to use almost daily! Use these residential pool cleaning tips to make sure you can expertly maintain your home this summer.

Summer Cleaning Tip 1

The easiest tip for keeping your water clean is to keep it free of debris. Florida weather sometimes calls for afternoon thunderstorms to hit the Tampa area that can cause branches, leaves, or other unwanted objects to end up in the water. Keeping the surface area unpolluted is also beneficial to keeping clean water. Dirt and dust can accumulate around the area and make its way into the water. Keep the area surrounding the water free of debris. This is not only the best way to keep the water clear but also helps prevent bigger issues as well. If ignored, debris can clog filers and reduce water circulation.

Summer Cleaning Tip 2

Check your filter and vacuum your pool frequently! Residential pool cleaning requires that your filter be checked on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. If not cleared, debris can get caught in the filter making it difficult to do its job properly. A good habit to get into is skimming the top of the water with a net. Not only does this keep your oasis clean but it’s also an easy indicator of how the filter is working. However, nets can only collect some of the debris and dust that can accumulate. Using a designated vacuum, take your time and start at the top of your pool. Then, slowly work your way to the bottom.

Summer Cleaning Tip 3

Because of the high amount of rainfall and the increased amount of use during the summer months, it is imperative that your residential pool cleaning process includes maintaining a safe water level. High levels of rain can cause water levels to get too high and overflow onto the surface area sometimes causing flooding, while frequent swimming and splashing can decrease water levels. The easiest way to bring the water up to a safe level is by turning on the garden hose and letting it flow until reaching the level you desire. However, you may need to check the pH and chlorine levels after this, to make sure the water is balanced.

Triangle’s Residential Pool Cleaning

Having a body of water in your backyard during the summer in Florida is enjoyable but maintaining it is hard work. It requires constant attention and labor. If your busy schedule cannot find the time to check the filter, vacuum the dirt and dust, or check the water levels, do not worry! Triangle Pool has served the Tampa area since 1959 giving us the experience you can trust. Call us today at (727) 531-0473 (or reach out online) and let Triangle Pool do all of your residential pool cleaning for you this summer.