Temperatures are no longer reaching 90 degrees every day, which means fall is officially here in Palm Harbor! And many homeowners might not be aware that pool service in the fall differs from that in the summer. We luckily still have plenty of warm days in our future, so don’t put away your swim suit just yet. But, there are some adjustments to your backyard maintenance that you should keep in mind.

Here are some pool service tips for fall:

  1. Keep your water free from leaves and other debris. Unfortunately, we don’t see much a season change when it comes to Palm Harbor foliage. However, the leaves that do fall will probably end up floating in your water, and dirt from these can end up making the bottom look dirty. Skim the water to get the leaves and vacuum the bottom to keep everything looking great.
  2. Clean the filter. Any leaves that you miss will end up in your pool’s filter. Make sure to have the filter checked out by a pool service technician to ensure everything is running properly.
  3. Run the pumps less. Fall means school is starting up which means afterschool and weekend activities start up again as well in Palm Harbor. When you have a full schedule, your pool will probably be used less, so you can run the pump less and save some money. Consult with professional to make sure this is the right decision for your watering hole.
  4. Perform necessary repairs. Now that people aren’t swimming as much, you can take the time to perform any necessary repairs, either to the surface, deck, or equipment.

Just because you aren’t swimming every day doesn’t mean fall maintenance is any less important! At Triangle Pool in Palm Harbor, we will perform all necessary maintenance and services necessary to keep your water sparkling. As the best pool service company, we provide whatever chemicals you need, perform all water testing, vacuum, skim, as well as clean the tiles and filter. We will always send the same cleaning technician to your home, and we offer both residential and commercial services. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at (727) 531-0473.