Since 1959, Triangle has been the go-to swimming pool repair company for Tampa residents. With our myriad of residential services, your backyard swimming spot will look great all year. Having a place to swim in your backyard is a luxury, and you should be able to enjoy it whenever you want. Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance and repairs, the water can become unsafe.

Some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter about swimming pool repair and maintenance include:

What is a salt chlorine generator?

Becoming more and more popular, our salt generators use salt to create chlorine. By utilizing the electrolysis process our machine can make a form of chlorine from a small amount of salt. This sanitizes the water, and allows you to stop buying chlorine each week.

Why is my pump so loud?

The pool pump will be louder when it is priming, but if the noise does not diminish, you may need Tampa swimming pool repair services. It could be an incorrectly sized pump, clogging plumbing line, or have air leaks.

What is the best way to chlorinate the water?

The easiest and cheapest way to chlorinate is with a salt water generator, since it is basically free. However, other easy options are automatic tablet dispensers and liquid chlorine.

How do I know if I have a leak?

If you notice the water level has drastically lowered, even more than what is normal from evaporation and splashing, you could have a leak. Call a Tampa swimming pool repair technician to inspect the lining.

When is the best time to do a swimming pool repair?

As long as it is not dire, the best time for repairs would be fall and winter since pool usage will be low. Once it is too cold, or you are too busy to swim, call a Tampa technician to get started on repairs.

Do salt chlorine generators require maintenance?

Yes; even if it is self-cleaning, you will need to clean the salt cell every two to three weeks. If it is not self-cleaning, this will need to be done once a week.

Swimming pool repair and maintenance services can be tedious and complicated, which is why finding the right company to do it for you is so important. At Triangle in Tampa, we can perform all the necessary services to ensure your water is always clean and ready for you to jump in. All new customers are offered the option of a free salt generator, and we will always send the same technician out to your home, so you always know who to expect.

For more information, contact us online or call us today at (727) 531-0473.