With the holidays right around the corner and family visiting from out of town, we know the stress that comes with having to get everything ready for guests to come over.  Don’t wait until the last minute to call a Clearwater pool heater repair company in order to get your heater back up and running.  Cold water could prevent a fun part of your house from staying open to company, especially since the pool is a great place for nieces, nephews, and grandkids to play and relax while adults catch up on conversation.  Below are some simple tips to keep your personal oasis warm and operational all holiday season long.

Keeping in the Warmth

Here are the most important things to consider for keeping your oasis warm and guests from freezing this winter:

  • Keep the Heater Functioning – The easiest way to keep your water warm is by running it through a heater before the filtered water circulates back into the pool. Are you having heating issues? Check that none of the pipes leading from the filter are damaged or are leaking at the joints.  If you still can’t diagnose the problem, call up a Clearwater aquatic maintenance company. They will provide a pool heater repair and also ask them to evaluate your system.
  • Get a Cover – A simple way to trap in heat is by using a thermal cover. These covers go over the entire surface and act as a blanket. This traps the warmth in the water instead of allowing it to escape into the air.  These covers are great if you use your private watering hole every once in a while.
  • Watch the Water Level – Many pool heater repair companies in Clearwater ask where the water level normally lies. Not having the proper level can cause damage to your filter system and create all sorts of headaches for you.  If the level gets too low, it won’t circulate properly through your filtering and heating systems.  Over time this can burn out the filter motor, leading to a costly replacement later on.

Call Triangle Pool for Pool Heater Repair

If you need advice on what you should do or are considering a pool heater repair service, contact the Clearwater aquatic professionals at Triangle Pool.  They’ve been in operation since 1959 and have helped operate everything from small private pools to large commercial facilities.  Whatever your size, you can trust that Triangle has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best service around.  Contact them at (727) 531-0473 or reach out online.